If you could create any fighting style, what would it be?

My fighting style:
I don’t know what the name would be, but a fighting style wear the user moves at high speeds to hit their opponent several times in a row.

…As opposed to hitting all of the not-important parts of the body in hopes that your opponent dies from pity?

All jokes aside, that kinda sounds like knocking fist:

Knocking Fist - A fighting style in which the user repeatedly hits pressure points and vital areas of an enemy, causing them to slow down and will deal more damage the more hits are dealt in a period of time, if the maximum hits are reached the enemy will become paralyzed. At high levels it would have elecricity-like effects.
(Copy-pasted from the trello)

  1. fighting dirty, like throwing sand in their face, aiming for sensitive points, cheap shots, etc
  2. idk, maybe something with extending your limbs past their normal length by ignoring your joints

Snow fighting style

Throw a snowball at your enemy

I would like to create a mix between sumo and capoeira

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A fighting style that revolves around striking the ground with heavy punches and kicks, causing shockwaves and terrain reformation

So radius fist?

I would create a variation of the Radius Fist that allows the user to manipulate ground, water, and air. I would also create a variation where the user moves at insane speeds to attack their opponent

a fighting style that revolves around getting hit and you hitting back harder

But how do you just “ignore your joints”?


Sounds painful.

Then just use snow magic.

probably is

train yourself to ignore the pain (NORMALIZE DISLOCATING YOUR BONES TO EXTEND LIMBS.)

they probably already are and need to use more snow in their build (very based)

cannon fist snow infusion?

Very based


snow is very based, not as based as sand but still very based.