If you didn’t vote spirit weapon’s consider yourself an opp

please tell me ur joking :frcryin:

no, pvper’s actually do this to try and combo their weapons together more

real weapon users will know that they can just learn nine sword style for 9 weapon slots

the triasta/scald combo is so bugged rn what even is the point pls fix

Im JUST saying id rather have alignment over a system that enables warlords to use crushing judgment and allow me to use flying slash on ptd

while this is somewhat true, there’s a bit of an oversight here.

Warrior has 5 good mobility skills that don’t require a cone check, mirrored river, rising tide, flash strike, crushing judgement, and ethereal flash. Compared to a conjurer, we have just 1 more mobility skill (conj has leap). However, all 3 teleports share a cooldown. Furthermore, we only have 3 weapon slots, so we can only use at most 3 of these at once.

If we try not to use two teleports (to not have to deal with shared cooldown) that leaves us with just 1 actual loadout for max mobility: Sunken Sword, Vindicator, and one of the 3 teleport skill weapons.

The result is that warrior actually plays significantly closer to the ground than most other builds. We might occasionally gain a lot of altitude, esp when using c. judgement, but we also tend to lose it fast since we cannot spam moves to airstall, thanks to our mobility having long cooldowns and our lack of skills in combat.

Saying warrior has the best mobility is disingenuous. By number of moves/moves usable at any time, savant has the greatest mobility. In terms of my own played experience, fast berserker or warlock is the most mobile class.

Others have already mentioned that despite having this many options we only have 3 weapons available at any time, the majority of which have two usable moves. I’ll just add on the price of running warrior.

There is a good amount of content for warriors who have religiously collected nearly every weapon in the game.

However, it’s not like this is cheap. Rather than constantly adding new weapons, I feel like all weapon users would prefer access to more skills on the same weapon. Just from an early game perspective, running warrior is the most expensive class.

Furthermore, it’s not like mages and berserkers don’t have access to more customization than warrior. I can choose between 3 one-hand swords and 3 exotic enchants, (each enchant costs 3-5k galleons on the market, 1 of the swords costs 110k galleons by the galleon list, one of the others is 5k, and the third is a boss drop with just two skills, one of which is a grab, and I can’t equip any of them at once yet) while (completely for free) a mage can choose between something like 10 different shapes, adjust the size of their skill without using an expensive enchant scroll and then adjust it again without deleting said enchant, and can equip multiple different customized skills to choose which to use in combat.

TL;DR: Warrior has roughly equal customizability by a reasonable metric that doesn’t just count the skills, mediocre mobility that doesn’t compare to any hybrid, and is far more expensive than any other class. None of these make it bad or not fun to play, but it’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Warriors have just as much of a right to look forward to new content as anyone else.


warrior is just very bland. 0 customization. every other class in the game like mages get access to a ton of customization and configurations

warrior? just 3 weapons and 3 enchants, thats it

the weapon skill changing also doesnt look that promising at the moment

still has a ton of unadded skills for whatever reason, unlike mages and beserkers which have access to everything

i voted for weapons both times

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this is a topic about spirit weapons and all we talk about is warrior


I mean we don’t have any more info on spirit weps

personally I’m wondering-will regen or maybe just vit regen be buffed since spirit weps are drawback abilities?

Comba are simply put a quick succession of different attacks, it also dosen’t need to have a stun thing that make your opponent unable to do anything, hell, AO dosen’t even have a stun mechanic outside of some magic (wich actually make your opponent unable to do anything, but thats magic, not weapon).

Its basically applying high and constant pressure at your ennemie and trying to not let him go away.

Honnestly, i think the thing that hurt weapon the most is the fact that they just work like magic and not like their own thing. It only has either long range moves, aoe moves, grabs (and they suck) or tp/close up moves. A selino-like skill would work great for weapons.

They also lack any unique mechanic or gameplay feature outside of elemental interaction, wich dosen’t work at all if your not a conjurer.

The thing is : synergy is a mage thing, weapons (warrior especially) dosen’t center around that, their focus is on big and quick mixed-up and “combo”.

i think the worst offender out of what you mentioned are grabs. they’re all the same thing and share a cooldown, quite literally the definition of a filler move, so boring

a warrior selino kind of attack would be pretty sweet

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sword draw:selino

I actually saw a theory that the katana third skill, flash step, would be like selino

it’s probably more like flash strike but instead the attack is where it teleported you to

I mean that’s why it has so many messages :sob:


Get ready for another skill which has 99% effects and 1% aoe.