If you had superpowers, would you actually be a superhero?

If you were to one day develop some kind of special power (telekinesis, super-strength, time manipulation, spider powers, etc.), would you actually be a superhero or nah?

would probably just be as is, and I’d assume I was just the start of humanity gaining superpowers, so why would I worry about being some dumb hero who has to worry about things like civilian lives and skyscrapers n crap

I’d use the superpower to my own benefit, but I wouldn’t mind saving people if they are around. Though, I wouldn’t go out of my way to save a bunch of people as a job unless my superpower actually allows me to be more physically invincible in case of a gun shot or something.

tbh, being a superhero isn’t really about that. in fiction and such it’s really just about helping others and doing good

Depends on what I get, though I’ll mainly just stay neutral

sell them but much worse versions of their full power so i can always be the strongest

whoops that’s AU magic for you

I would help if I saw crime, but I would try to stay low-key so the government doesn’t dissect me.

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Nope, im too scared to just put myself in life saving situations for people i don’t care about, though i guess if i see something happening around me and i can safely take care of it i will



i’ll be vilain

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No thanks, I like a pretty normal life.

Only reason I would is if it was power that made being a superhero a minimal inconvenience, or my powers were too great to waste on a normal life

i’d probably just make it so a bunch of other people also get superpowers if i get the superpower i want
if there’s crime i’d probably stop it, and if something big’s happening i’d probably help too

i’d mainly just use the power for personal convenience and helping friends tho

As long as I’m either really difficult to hurt or fast enough to just not get hit, sure.

Otherwise telekinesis is going to make me millions replacing construction equipment while I destroy the world’s economy by ripping apart atoms and rearranging them to turn literally anything into literally anything else.

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I wouldn’t want to spend time murdering people I don’t know to save more people that I don’t know, you have to be dumb or psychopathic to want to do that voluntarily

It’s one hell of a hassle to be one

But if I can do it, I might

I would not be a superhero but i will help people

Also last thing i want is to get recognition and be captured by the government :person_shrugging:


absolutely not i’d be a morally gray vigilante, and that’s even if I wanna use my superpowers; I don’t want the attention that would come with being a superhero at all

be a villain

superheroes are pretty dumb
you dont solve much by punching people and randomly yeeting skyscrapers at criminals

Honestly being a real one would be incredibly difficult because yknow, to start you have to live in America meaning your healthcare is shit, and you have to make sure you don’t destroy crap/let the villain destroy crap otherwise you get cancelled on twitter for not doing your job right