If you had the choice to make the AO devs do 1 thing, what would it be?

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Add spirit weapons lol

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need I say more?



remove the leaderboard

itll be fun i think


a good pvp system i guess

make it so no attack causes you to stand still in the air (except maybe surge and other attacks you’ll need to hold down to get the full attack) and instantly watch the entire old pvp system fall apart

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Beam hell

give me tester (fr)

I’d straight up remove unconsensual PVP for anyone below 50k game / bounty. Straight up, you can’t be jumped regardless of your level. There’d also be a fame toggle that would prevent you from going above 49.99k.

Basically, I’d say screw you to rkers.


download (8)

k, aside from my popular opinion, open elysium for everyone

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me watching the current reflex fall apart and people complaining about it (they never bothered to get good):

delete game so I can capitalize I want imbued weapons to actually leave puddles piles and have effects

Please cook again anyone who says not to hasn’t even seen sunlight before :sob::sob:

Give some rest to balance team members. Really, according to how often Vetex adds new stuff, I have wonders about balance team’s powers to balance that so fast.

i would make vetex take more breaks

Get a better build smh

Add spirit weapons

either that or get vetex to hire a modeller so we can have enemies that arent just npc humanoids or sharks and whales