If you were an NPC in AO, what would your characteristics be

This can range from

  • Health
  • Armor
  • Magic
  • Weapon
  • Stats
  • Description
  • Title
  • Dialogue
  • Level
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Skill
  • Boss type
  • Full name (Any full name and a name that you know, could represent you and has to be AO related)
    (Can add more from here)
    Any type of stat you can think of

Max stats: 2,000
Max level: 1,000
Max Health: 10,000

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Name: Gold Galleon (Title) The Shining Jew

Health: 3,000

Basic Magic: Gold (Even though it’s removed)
Lost Magic: Sun - Nuclear Flame Magic
Ancient Magic: None
Curses: None:

Armor: Reinforced Marauder’s Cloak, Leggings, and Hat (25% damage counter)

Weapon: Musket + Cutlass

Level 300

Stats: 600 (Scaling with Strength, Magic, Vitality, and Class)
Strength: 150 (Speed, Strength Wep, ETC)
Magic: 150 (More magic power)
Vitality: 150 (More defense)
Wep Class: 150 (More skilled of using Weps)

Boss ranking: Aberrant (Rare boss, spawns randomly, not part of Story quest)

Description: Once part of a clan filled of the golden people who had became elites of the clan. Gold Janus being one of the Elites but wasn’t fully a fulfilled Officer but was quite the bounty hunter and a determined fighter. He was a pretty balanced soldier.

Dialogue: “Another bounty, fight me if you dare!” or “Would you like to fight? Maybe I’ll go easy on you!” or “You seem strong, just a right enough warrior for me to fight”

Death Dialogue: “You are a strong one warrior, keep it up.” or “I will never become a true elite” or “I have failed you councils”

Challenge Dialogue: “Hello wizard, would you like to battle? Maybe I can give you a free hit!”

(Ones I found in the comments)

Boss drops:
Nothing: (50%)
Gold Bar (40% chance): Sell it for money or craft something
Shiny Blessing (10% chance): Gives a slight buff to the carrier

Boss theme: Naktigonis - One For All, All For Gun (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube (I mean, it’s a good beat, don’t mind it)

Skills: (Two skills or less for each magic, weapon, vitality, weapon skill only) (Also, I will count Dash and Parry/block as a skill, so if you don’t have the skills, the boss won’t be able to use them)

First: Sun Drone: Turns into a fiery spark and leeches onto the player burning them (Can unleash a pretty weak combo if the boss does a combo)

Second: Nuclear Dive: Jumps into the sky and dives down to your area dealing Medium damage

First: Fire: Fire grip: Can choke the player and burns them at the same time which can be devastating if followed up by sun dive

Second: Fire Barrage: Unleahes fiery barrage punches that can deal tons of damage if not blocking

Viltality skill:
Parry: Unleashes a parry move against a coming attack

Center: Defensive armor for 10 seconds but can’t attack

Strength skill:
Bullshot: A coming dash attack towards you

Grip: Holds the player and jumps up high into the air and slamming them down to the floor but does medium damage

Weapon Skill:
Paper cut: Unleashes a dash forward slash that does medicore damage

Predict: Uses the musket and easily knows when to choose to perfectly hit the head (Easily detectable by him crouching down and aiming.

  • Name: Apocalypse
  • Health: 7,500
  • Armor: Apocalypse set. Which includes Apocalypse Robes, Pants, and Necklace. They all give insanity, magic size, power, and drawback. Legendary tier.
  • Magic: Apocalypse Bringer
  • Weapon: None
  • Stats: 1900 Magic, 0 strength, 0 vitality, 0 weapons
  • Description: “An ancient and powerful wizard whom brings upon total destruction to all around him. Similar to a volcano he can have years of inactivity but there will always be a second wave of calamity that he brings. Death itself is not the goal, the landscapes he tarnishes are just like a canvas to an inspiring artist. The lost lives caught in it are of no concern to him.”
  • Title: The Apocalypse
  • Dialogue: “They hate me because I’m a visionary, I hate them because they try to mend the wounds I’ve bestowed onto these lands.” “Would you like to become a piece of art?”
  • Level: 950
  • Speed: idk moderate to fast
  • Strength: Immense
  • Skill: Also immense
  • Boss Type: High level side boss. While he has relatively low health he’ll deal immense damage over a vast area with an ancient magic.


Health: 6942
Armor: mid-high tier, with above average enchants (i grind a lot but not that much)
Magic: dual magic, with lost magic storm as main and wind as second
weapon: katana (theyre cool)
stats: strength mostly, a bit of agility and magic speed
description: Leader of the Storm Legion, a semi-strong clan with close bonds. Rather generous to people, (mostly bc hes bad at fighting) and does random things for fun.
title: The Storm King
Dialogue: Idles: “What? You’re talking to me?” “Oh hey, where would you like to be yeeted this time?”, Starting combat: “Oh boy, this again…” “Be prepared to face my Storm Wrath!” Defeated: “Why…” “Next time, I will just hop into the water…” “Bruh”
Level: 999
Speed: pretty high
strength: higher than speed
skills: Wind blast, storm zone, dodge + high jump, the occasional block (not too often). moves around a lot. Wind dash, shield, meteor, summon elemental, placed sphere. storm hover, high jump, immense magic energy. Ultimate Art: Wind Cannon
boss type: passive, until attacked

@ThatOneGuy @thebikerdude2 Forgot to say that you can have a full name of yourself (Not irl name) instead of a forum username :nod:

ye but lamina isnt available in ao :(

I believe lamina is still a last name
It’s just not a cultured name anymore.

no it was removed bc lamina was never a thing in war seas i think

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Lamina was the name of cash in the economy system in Arcane Adventures

Which isn’t in the war seas.

Sadly :pensive:

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Stanley the Bandit?

Full Name: Icarus A. Graves

Health: 10,000 but if you are fighting it with two people it will increase by 5k and so on.

Armor: An armor made by Kraken, it can boost your health and power of your magic.

Magic: Mastered Shadow Magic, Darkness Magic, Sacrifice Magic, (Or Death Magic)

Weapon: Two Daggers that do tremendous damage and BIIIG colossal slashes.

Stats: 2000 Magic, his dagger damage, and health was produced by his magic.

Description: ‘He grew up peacefully, he mastered his shadow magic, awakened his lost magic. Helped the world government defeat tremendous foes. Until one day in his hometown while he was visiting, he awakened his Ancient Magic. It was death magic, and he killed everyone there with the effects of absorbing their health and life mana. He couldn’t control it and also realized he couldn’t use it either. It were just the effects. From the loss of his friends and family. He awakened Sacrifice Magic. He began causing a tremor around the War Seas killing anyone he seas. He was now known, as the Second Ravager of the Seas, Cerberus. He was no longer the Icarus Graves that helped the world governments and the grand navy.’

Curse; The effects of Death Magic are attributes to Icarus.

Title: Cerberus, Second Ravager of the Seas

Dialogue: “I have lost everything, now this world shall turn into a world of blood and tears. DIE!” or “You come in my sight, and those who have something I dont have, must die…”

Level: 1,000

Speed: Very fast and can teleport into other shadows.

Strength: Reproduced by magic so its immense.

Skill: Mastered all tiers of magic, and even awakened two Ancient Magics.

Boss Type: Story Quest Boss, he will drain your health and mana the more closer you get.

I was waiting for somebody to make max stats character :niceman:

technichally im just making a man nobody can beat

Name: iFluxuated (Flux)

Heath: Unknown (Gets Stronger Every Time A New Player Joins The Fight)

Armor: “Life Steal Armor” armor made from an ancient metal that when an enemy is close it takes their health and you take it as your own…

Magic: Poseidon Lightning (Mastered) A form of lightning that can obliterate anything in its path.

Secondary Magic: Slash Magic, Can cover the users weapon in magic and can let off large magic shock waves.

Weapon: The ōdachi (大太刀) Is a large/great sword that can handle even the toughest of solid and can slice through magic, traditionally made from Japanese sword smiths.

Stats: 1500 Magic Power, 800 Strength, & 400 Magic Size.

Guild: Ominus

Description: Connor was a normal child until he turned 7 and awakened his magic, He had a very unusual type of lightning magic and was considered a freak. One day he couldn’t take it anymore so he left his village to pursue his training and show everyone that he could become the strongest mage in the War Seas. Years past and mostly everyone in his village had forgotten who he was up until one day he showed up unannounced with what looked to be an army of mages and swordsmen. “Ominus, Let rain on this village.” after those words came out of his mouth all of the men started bursting magic all over. Chaos had started and a couple moments later nothing was left of the village, “Unworthy peasants” he said with a slight smirk…

Title: Raijyu

Dialogue: “Raijyu, Monarch of the Seas, You dare oppose me?”

Level: 1000 (Max)

Skill: Can Cut Through Magic With Their Ōdachi And Generate Ultra Fine Lightning.

Secondary Skill: Lightning Fast Reflexes And Can Almost Instantly Dash Towards Opponents.

Boss Drops: Life Steal Armor & Ōdachi
~ Helmet: 26% ~
~ Chestplate: 23% ~
~ Leggings: 34% ~
~ Boots: 54% ~
~ Ōdachi: 13% ~

Type of NPC: Boss Mission (Can be done with party members)


Health: 3,935
Armor: uhhhhh his armor is too advanced to exist in wom so most likely just a normal warrior type of armor set…
Magic: b o l t
Weapon: In AU terms, probably Arcanium Greatsword (or katana) and a flintlock
Stats: I don’t think npcs really have stats other than a damage multiplier and hp
Description: A powerful mercenary who has endured many battles.
Title: Calvin the Gunslinger (idk)
Dialogue: (no)
Level: 700
Speed: Fast
Strength: Stronger than me
Skill: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm he has a good shot and is very good at dodging and moving swiftly
Boss type: most likely rogue

Name: Ace Grey
Health: 6400
Armour: Mage Robes (Something akin to black magic robes with white lining)
Magic: Light, Shadow, something similar Promethean Fire (basic magic with promethean fire’s effect)
Weapons: Dual Swords, Bow, Claws (All with black with glowing white colour scheme, and arcanium)
Fighting Style: Radius
Stats: 700 magic, 600 weapon, 600 strength, 0 vitality
Description: “A mysterious mage from somewhere far away, strange power radiates from him…”
Title: Mage of Duality
Dialogue: “You want to spar? Sure, we could do with some fun while we’re here… trying to find our way home…”
Level: 950
Speed: High (Less at certain times)
Strength: Moderate (High at the cost of some speed)
Skill: Immense
Boss Type: fights like two different AIs. Sometimes he stays back and attacks with range and some defensiveness and reactiveness (if you go close, he uses his swords), sometimes he is full offensive and up close with fighting styles, claws and swords. There are also combos like slashes into jumping back into triple arrow shot. Also an optional boss.

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