If you were King Calvus

If you were in King Calvus’s position, same magic and political power, what would you have done differently in order to accomplish your goals and avoid complete failure and death like the actual King Calvus did. Aside from you being Calvus everything else is the same, Ravenna’s history is the same and the MC and gang are still going to do what they did in the real campaign unless you interfere.

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There isn’t going to be the mines portion in the game anymore.

  • Step one: continue the persecution of the Winterveilins but in the open. Ensure that the consensus among my citizenry is one of violent nationalism, and stoke the flames of hatred for Winterveil so my actions are unquestioned.
  • Use my connection to the order and my own spy network to maintain a constant line of information directly to my throne.
  • Either silence or indoctrinate the daughter of that blacksmith, you know the one flare magic. She could become a problem if not dealt with quickly.
  • Failing that have my spies track her movements, and learn of her involvement with some amnesiac upstart; one that strangely resembles that experiments who ran away from the Order a few weeks ago.
  • Summon the "hero of Frostmill" to Ravenna for a celebration, or if they prove difficult send Elius or Carina to capture the run away to increase my standing with the Order.
  • Exploit the subject's memory loss to ingratiate myself to them, and get them to join up with myself and the Order once again.
  • Continue ruling my kingdom with an extremely powerful fighter on my side, and use the new asset to further the Order's goal unto completion.
  • Total victory.
  • Morden wouldn’t know about Beringer’s capture, and even if he did try to storm Fort Talos, he would either die there, or be overwhelmed by Julian and the MC working together along with the rest of legion.


get a whole bunch of slaves

In black history month is wild.

i forgot about that

evil CEO mindset right here

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"Citizens of Ravenna…

Basically I’m a war criminal, I’m also part of a terrorist conspiracy, these are the names of the other 5 leaders. Also I’m leaving the throne to Julian. You all have to call him King Julian now. Also here’s a map to the Death Curse, whoever gets it first can have it. General Argos died for this by the way. He was also a terrorist."


Just need to optimize what you have access to, if he knew what was happening at Frostmill he would have never fallen to a bunch of homeless people.

if I was king calvus I would kill myself because dear god I am a terrible excuse for a savant

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step 1: kill the player rather than hold him in the mines for months

If I knew someone was going to sneak into fort talos, I would just send general Julian over there to make sure nobody enters or leaves.

very wild indeed N.Y. school apologizes for ‘inexcusably insensitive’ Black History Month lunch - National | Globalnews.ca

Investing in the Ravenna Mining stocks right now while they’re low following the breakout.

Bro Ravenna Mining stock is not coming back :sob:. The Ravenna economy is doomed after what happened to the country.

Dw, I trust in Revon to rebound and get more sla- I mean indentured servants in the form of prisoners later.

Bro Revon was the one who invested all his money in Ravenna mining stock and lost everything, why do you think bro left the country?

Nah, bro just had enough after he found out that one crazy lady from the mines escaped on TOP of his brother dying to a homeless person chosen by a god literally a week later.

I would switch from Savant to Mage. He uses his fighting style and weapon for like 3 attacks at most, and he has like 7 with pure Aether Magic, I seriously don’t know why he was so adamant on “mastering” everything. Of course this would take a lot of time and training, so if I’m not able to switch my build before the player escapes the mines, my strategy will be to leave the throne room as quickly as possible to join up with Julian. The player would probably follow me, and so I would start fighting Morden while Julian fights the player. With that crazy busted teleport Aether dodge reflex thing Calvus has, I could probably survive against Morden long enough for Julian to make quick work of the player, and then both me and Julian gank Morden together.

I would be a dumb ahh savant