If you will one day wake up at WoM world-What will you do and what magic will you have? Will you be villain or hero?

In my situation i will be a hero,and have lightning magic so i will electrify every bandit i see. Or i wil have hot air magic so i will YEET bandits.

wtf is ur pfp

It’s cool whad do you want from the pfp? XDD

holy fuck this is cringe
imma dip fast

Bro my PFP is todoroki XD

are you mentally stable? are you fucking saying ‘‘yeet’’ unironically? in 2021?


Black mail for later :flushed:

you make mha fans look bad

trust me I’ve said something worse than that

IVE said a lot worse.

I dunno what I would do tho. Probably go hero storyline and have shadow or whatever.

everybody here is capable of being cancelled if some screenshots are taken out of context

most would still be cancelled if there was context

Good thing this isn’t Twitter

gotta wait for a bit, since he’s 30

Wind, villian or hero, depend on who im with since i follows people more than doing stuffs myself, will probably a villian if alone tho

Wind • Extremly versitle and can do a lot of things, not only in combat but also in everyday life ( i dont spend 4/5 of my life study about the possiblity of wind magic for nothing ) though it may less since magic in Arcane only allows you to create and not control, but still good enough

(not second though not being able to control wind duck up alot about the possible abilities… but since we have magic-made weapon so maybe i can control it to some extend )

unless I wake up in WoM world in my 20’s, I shall train my fire magic to wait for the time…

yes yes of course,

Tourmaline hero :crystal_magic_var7:

chaos emerald