If your WoM file was a boss in AO, what would their title and name be?

Self Explanatory. My Earth File would be Yang Clay, The Dung Eater


everyone here would be one of these heros /villains minibosses

My magicless/weapons only file: Griffin, King of the Bandits

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Basil Silver, the Ravaging Sea

a few more i don’t have nicknames for yet

sage sage sage

is he gonna look like this?

As much as I love Berserk, didn’t pick the name because of Griffith.

Max “The Kid” Water.

this is because they would use guns and sun magic , and also because they really liked this one bounty hunter with some sun based abilities, which is why they are a bounty hunter

Why “The Kid” tho?

sun magic.

the sundance kid
it was also Zora’s AC title in Bliss Ocean Curiosities

i wouldnt be a boss id be a level 8 dark wizard that gets vaporized instantly by some random high level


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Akos Frost - Universe Shatterer

Uhh, i have 1 main oc, and some other that i have art of, so i’ll go with everyone.

Megan Water, The Berserk

Self explanatory. My OC at time was bascily Guts from Berserk, so even her apperance resembles one of a black swordsman. But unlike Guts, Megan weelds Axe and have Explosion magic to boost power and speed of her swings, she’s Guts in Berserk armor without amror itself.

Yugi Bank, Crystal Abomination

Some random oc when i was trying out crystal. Basicly guy who got inside infected mines.

Mira Booth, The head hunter

Classic bounty hunter


ohhhh ok

i agree

Illuminator, Aelita

Gladiator, Frederick

Lieutentant, Pelagic (possible name change)

Berserker, Arron

Solar Mage, Veronica

Glass cannon, Whatever the name was

Cryonical, the Winter Archon
Alicia, the Guillotine
Andy, the Angler
Victoria, the Seraph
Jeremiah, the Shadow
Lukas, the Enigma

Broly, the Apocalypse

cant wait to be a stationary head cutter