Im so sorry for spreading misinformation

i should not have even started to do this…
i am so sorry everyone

i cant even come to grips with this… but


i will continue to rethink my actions from here on whilst considering that omega is infact not winning


is the joke that it’s April Fools, so you’re just lying to us, when in actuality omega still is winning…?

Also that list was terrible lmao Broly is like same level as me and mrnormalbox claimed that he’s past his pvp prime. I also think I saw Misinput saying that they couldn’t have legitimately gotten into suncry if they tried again.

After I made that topic, Talos dmed me and said I would not get good at pvp if I took advice from those people LMAOO

shii forgot about that

drama :popcorn: :fist_left: :innocent:

wait which demon is it that I’ve summoned whom of which will argue with me to the death now??

probably everyone you mentioned in that post

let me quote all of those things I found before an argument gets started :innocent:

there’s my evidence

omega winnin’t

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damn ur still going this drama boutta be real good :popcorn: :hungry:

ye imma be honest only 2 of those people are somewhat good-good. Those 2 are Brady and Xevenant

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as for the dms with Talos:

(he also blocked me for a while after asking my age, then unblocked me and told me that.)

and ignore my discord username for today :gun:

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talos speaking facts for once

Xevenant is good advice bro :skull:


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Is there any part of the post contradicting that? I don’t see anything that says otherwise but yeah he gave good advice ig. Although pvpers have told me before that it’s not really about taking advice and more about just practicing to get better

Practicing is a better way than advice probably is what I gotta agree with. Best to use your own skill

Dude I don’t know any of these guilds

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flare spitting facts!1!

also I legit went from not landing any hits on derp to killing him by swapping my blast keybind from Z to Q :skull:

See even Broly is learning!

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