Include Switching Magic as an Option for Stat Resetting

Include Switching Magic as an Option for Stat Resetting
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I know not everybody agrees with this, I know this will get backlash, but consider that the entire point of resetting your stats is to try new things or because you’re unsatisfied with your build.

Weapons get to switch around freely on a whim, fighting styles get to switch with a bit of grind attached, why are magic choices permanent even through stat resetting?
Not allowing magic changing in some way completely defeats the purpose of stat resetting for nearly half the builds in the game.

The only arguments I’ve ever seen against this are:

"People will switch to the meta!"

What happens if warlord becomes meta then? and so what if they do, if it gets out of hand it will be nerfed, I have faith that vetex isn’t just going to let meta builds run around freely stat changing or not, mage is already getting changed, why would the future metas be any different?


if lore gets in the way of gameplay and restricts otherwise obvious player options then the lore should change.

So when the interchange (stat reset) potion is added, it should be an option because magic resetting is the last thing standing in the way of players being able to try out as many builds as they want on a single file, even if they do have to put in a lot of work to get the potion to begin with.


Magic reset potion is already planned

what since when, I thought that was something vetex was really against adding for… some reason.
well it wasn’t on the trello but I’m glad to learn that now.

Guess this suggestion is now to also tie that to start resetting
(and by extension allow people to do so with the upcoming free reset)

Wait really?

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Oh cool

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