Increase the requirements for making a suggestion


Lately I’ve been seeing people making suggestions that are of low-effort, sometimes the suggestion can be a joke and sometimes it can be just a suggestion that doesn’t implement or really add anything important to the game. Therefore I would suggest (as said in the title) more requirements which would make the time for users to be able to obtain the permissions to add a suggestion longer and or harder. This could be anything from being more active on the forum or having been longer in it to make a suggestion (though anything would be appreciated).

Reason to add/change

The main reason to add this is due to some people not taking the suggestion category seriously enough. Suggestions are meant to help improve the game, not to make a joke or add anything that wouldn’t help it. Finding suggestions that actually seem to be made with effort are quite easy to differentiate from those who are not, but for someone who prefer to read all the suggestions to see if the suggestions itself is actually a joke or not and see if there is a proper reasoning it would take unnecessary time from the reading.

P.S. I’m sorry that I accidentally posted this in Suggestions

i agree with this
but it belongs in site feedback lol

Oh no I didn’t know

what about the people that want to make suggestions but aren’t even on the forum? it’s making it more difficult for them, meanwhile u have regulars making meme or low effort suggestions

maybe people on the discord (like lvl 25+ or so) could get access to the suggestions channel

bro it takes so long to get level 25 on the discord
you’re better off going on the forums and getting regular :fr:

yes please, be lv25 on discord or maybe more forum activity to mak suggestions because theres people making the dumbest suggestions like changing grand navy name for no reason and covid magic

youre not thinking of making suggestions regular only arent you

They can simply move to the forum and start interacting with people here. And I think you are suggesting that it is already difficult for people to get the permissions to make a suggestion. Which from my experience isn’t that difficult.

From my time here I haven’t seen a regular make a joke suggestions, and most of the time it’s a member.

Maybe, though not specifically that. I’m looking for a reduction in low-effort/joke suggestions, because it’s outright ridiculous and a waste.

Seeing a thread about how to make a suggestion, you need to have 10 days in the forums right? I think that’s enough and doesnt need to increase since even if they make a joke suggestion, they could just remove suggestion permission or something on that person. Even if they make a joke suggestion, it’s not like it’s going to affect anything severe to the point the requirements needs to be increased. Overall, doggo’s opinion on this is that it doesnt need any requirement increase.

Simply blacklist those who make low-effort suggestions.

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bro have u seen the forum? some people want to stay well away from here, making it so they need to stay on the forum longer to suggest something is gonna end up messing with a bunch of people that just wanna post a suggestion and be done with it. And well yea it is difficult, you gotta interact on the forum for days to make suggestions rn. people don’t want to do that lmao

I think the suggestion template u get when creating a suggestion should tell you the rules instead of telling you to go read the rules, idk how much this would help but honestly it’s the best way I can think of doing things rn that doesn’t inconvenience a bunch of people

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Technically it can take barely a week if you are especially active
Level 25 people are pretty common in the remotely active part of the discord community

I believe it can be faster to reach level 25 compared to tier 2 here, but it takes a lot more effort than what’s needed for tier 2


I don’t see what’s wrong with the forum, please tell me about it because I don’t know.

I think this would work if this suggestion doesn’t work out.


I would have normally disagreed with this before but since Mimhere has told me about the forum and how people want to get away from it then I guess I can understand that for right now.

Look, I’m fine with the current requirements and I don’t want them increased (although I would be fine with either), but you can’t tell me this is hard

You literally need to make 3 posts and check the forum 15 times total. The rest is reading posts, aka scrolling on the forum for 5 min.

i think it’s fine right now.

we just need concrete rules for making suggestions and how moderators can select and decide which suggestions are legit and which ones are jokes or unnecessary

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the users. a large number of forum users like to believe they’re somehow superior to discord users, it’s funny cus ur average discord user looks down on forum users while ur average forum user looks down on discord users.

the forums is pretty much a mess now anyway, u try to have a somewhat serious conversation and people come in shitposting all over the place.
does it surprise u that people want to stay away from this stuff?

i guess it’s fine. having to log on for 15 days just to make a suggestion though is kinda eh