Information Guide to all 23 Elemental Magics

This is the unofficial, updated, common-reference guide which goes over everything you would want to know about any current magic in the game. It goes over every status effect and elemental magic, noting their clash advantages, interactions, speed, etc. etc. It includes some information you wouldn’t find on the official World of Magic Trello board.

It has a lot of info and is around 68 pages long, so it’d be best to go through it when you need to reference something or are seeking knowledge on the details of a specific magic or status effect.

For rankings of each magic and status effects in their stats in a list, view this document:

Another document with some scrap notes regarding damage, magic tiers, and more:

Please also take this short survey to collect data on the magics people will use. It will only take around 2 minutes.

Doc Changelog

1.0.0 - Added Overviews for every magic and finished adding all status effects. The guide is now pretty much complete and ready to publish. (5/30/2020)

1.0.1 - Corrected some texture effects for some status effects. (6/4/2020)

1.0.2 - Updated damage interaction for bleeding for Plasma and Fire. (6/13/2020)

1.0.3 - Updated damage multipliers for a few magics. (6/17/2020)

1.1.0 - Finalized damage multipliers for all magics and adjusted some magic descriptions. They should be 99.9% accurate now, since I've tested them thoroughly multiple times. (6/28/2020)

1.1.1 - Changed the ratings for the damage multipliers (0.925x is now considered average). Adjusted some overview descriptions for each magic, and fixed a typo in Poison's overview. (7/1/2020)

1.1.2 - Added destruction multipliers to each magic. Destruction multipliers are based off of Wood’s destruction and may not be 100% accurate due to the current low level cap. (7/2/2020)

1.1.3 - Updated damage multipliers for a few magics. (7/19/2020)

1.1.4 - Added colored highlights to every magic damage interaction number to make it easier to tell the significance of those interactions. Also added some text to signify if the magic clears the status effect in their magic damage interactions as well since it can be impactful when determining total damage output. Made some other changes and fixes, including adding a missing damage interaction for Magma Magic. (8/7/2020)

1.1.5 - Added all the durations of status effects that were missing them. Also included info on whether a hit with the magic that applies the status refreshes it or not. Color coded Plasma Magic's damage interactions as well. (8/8/2020)

1.2.0 - Split destruction into two categories for each magic: part destruction and structure destruction. Fixed the destruction affinities of all magics and adjusted some magic's overview description to reflect the newfound changes. (8/19/2020)

1.2.1 - Added a missing interaction for both Sand Magic and Lightning Magic. (8/28/2020)

1.3.0 - Added magic size affinities for each magic as well as the Corroding status effect and all the interactions for each magic for it. Also updated Fire and Plasma's damage in regards to their adjusted DoT. (10/19/2020)

1.3.1 - Added magic damage interaction totals compared to each magic as well as the number of status effects they clear. Added some more cold magic damage interactions that were missing for Snow Magic and its status effect. (11/30/20)

1.3.2 - Fixed many magic interaction inconsistencies (thanks to @NoBanana for pointing them all out). (12/3/20)

1.4.0 - Several updates to the main introductory information with the help of @Fluect. Added an "Analysis" section to each magic, describing some of their notable strengths, number of status effects they clear, and their damage interaction totals. (12/6/2020)

1.4.1 - Finished finding averages for each magic and status effect. Added a "Magics" section so as to be consistent with the Status Effects section. Also spaced out sections of the document for it to be easier to read. It should be much easier to analyze each magic and know their strengths and weaknesses compared to before. (12/8/2020)

1.4.2 - Reorganized the document. Made Magics come before Status Effects. Moved Magic and Status Effect Rankings to a linked document here. Added average clash rates and highlights in regards to the mean clash average for each magic so you wouldn't have to view the rankings just to see them. (12/10/2020) Link here

1.4.3. - Removed the Sweating status effect from the guide, as that status effect only exists in Arcane Odyssey. Renamed the guide to reflect it being accurate to World of Magic only. (4/11/2021)


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k good job mate even tho i didnt even read it yet


Damage multipliers were changed for multiple magics so I will have to find them again.


thats tuff but also for the better. I’d gladly help once the game releases

i got ice, explosion and plasma
if any of those changed ping me and i can help

do you know which changed specifically?
idk about you guys but i never saw any of those changes on trello so…

vetex rebalanced some magics and made them all take the same magic energy, so I know for sure that Magma and Lightning were affected, but idk about the others. Will have to go through them all again.


Is that so? Perfect for me then, now magic jumps wont be so taxing


why is he giving me a reason to keep that overused lightning…
oh god what do i choose now

Hey everyone new to the forum!

If you need help deciding your magic, check out this guide. It explains everything you would want to know about each magic, listing their interactions, effects, and more!


Soooo… When is Snow and Sand getting their damage numbers?

I can try to get Sand damage numbers if you tell me what to do, since I have a Sand file, but they’re not maxed out yet.

I can get their damage numbers since WoMTU is a thing now, but my data is broken there so I’ll have to wait for vetex to fix it.

Rip. Can’t wait for their updates though, you seem to be the only place I’ll get this detailed of a description of sand.

Sand definitely needs a buff

Hey guys!

I’ve found every magic’s definite damage multiplier, so now you will know how much damage your magic can do in comparison to others easier. I’ve also adjusted some magics’ overview due to changes with some magics being able to blind now.

I’ve also attached to the original post another doc with formulas to calculate damage, so you could predict how much damage you can do with a certain magic with any avaliable spell at any level.


you sir, are a godsend among us forum-dwelling cretins.

seriously appreciate your work dude, keep it up please.

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yo sand lookin kinda strong with that 0.975x damage multiplier…

on bleeding status effect it says plasma does 50% more damage, and on plasma it says it does 20% more on bleeding targets. fix pls.