Information on Planet R-340

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Planet R-340


Planet R-340 embellishes many different biomes. The majority of the planet is covered in water. There are two major continents, both are smaller than Australia though. Many islands dot the planet and mountain ranges are common. even at the planet’s equator it doesn’t ever get above 80*. Tropical rainforests and coral reefs don’t exist and most of the humanoid population lives around the equator. Around the equator it feels warm while the poles are so cold it’s inhospitable and nothing can live there.


After migrating from planet A-1, they became their own country and sustained intergalactic trade with planet A-1, until the Great Crash occurred and major technology was lost to the ages reverting humans back into warring states attempting to seize control of power.
Population: ~25000000


Felinors were created by a wizard a couple hundred years prior. He asked for test subjects which he would pay, and people came. He told them what his plan was and those that didn’t want to go through with it anymore, were allowed to leave. The experiments were to try and give humans more cat-like abilities, strengthening their senses and athletics. The effects turned out to be irreversible. Many humans scoffed and laughed while many of the new found felinors began making their own communities and surviving and increasing in numbers faster than the humans were simply because they were better suited at surviving the harsh climates and creatures. Eventually the new “gods” stated that since felinors were created with magic, they were evil creatures and needed to be killed. The great purge began and felinors had no choice except to go into hiding or fight back. (Oh and I stole the name from Deepwoken)
Population: ~4000


In reality the six gods that exist are actually really powerful mages who have used magic to stop aging and have worked together to be gods. There is a seventh god as well, technically, the wizard who created the felinors, most believe he is dead though.

God Names:
Iris, Goddess of flames
Mable, Goddess of birth and love
Taran, God of the earth
Ethereal, Goddess of air and space. (The leading god)
Delusion, God of the ocean and death.
Mizaer, God of Ice


Magic is rare now in the events of my stories but used to be much more common, it was outlawed by the “gods” because it was evil and dangerous. Those with magic or mana aren’t taught it so most times it lays dormant and no one knows the wiser.


On planet R-340 there are three major creatures travelers look out for and attempt to stay away from. Many have tried to kill these monsters.

First: The Great Ice Dragon
A giant unintelligible dragon. Its scales resemble a hue of white and light blue allowing for camouflage in the snow. As long as people know, it has been around hunting and killing humans and their livestock. It can blast a ray of frost, instantly freezing many creatures to death. In reality it used to be a benevolent dragon that helped out until it was cursed and lost its soul and is now no more than a mindless monster.

Second: The Rock Elemental
A giant elemental monster that lives deep in the mountains, many times it’s asleep and is indistinguishable from other rocks. When it awakens it wreaks havoc on the ground and any creatures in its territory. This one was made by Taran attempting to make himself a servant.

Third: The God’s Thunder
A two-headed giant eagle that serves Ethereal. This one was a successful fabrication and now guards her with its life.

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Does this planet have countries and monarchies? Great Job by the way

One country. ruled by the “gods” and a couple monarchies.

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Could the ice in the poles potentially form islands that could be lived on?


I mean if they have heat-based things to keep them warm, they could like fireplaces in their house and stuff.

I mean if it’s advanced enough then they might not need fire, making this much more possible

I mean you’re right, but I think they get their fire from help with a few magic users. Since i think the gods don’t care about the islands, I think they would be fine with fire magic users litting up their fireplaces.

they don’t have magic tho, they don’t have any teachers to draw out their power

I mean true but wouldn’t they summon it by their selves. I mean the islands are pretty isolated i believe. So, wouldn’t they try when a bandit attacks or something?

I mean isn’t that they literly don’t know about their magic. It pretty explicitly says that they don’t know about it, because no one will draw it out

Oh okay.

Yeah it pretty explictly says that no one has magic, also there’s easier ways to start fires.


Eh I guess it’s shells decision whenever he comes back


To make a fire you need fuel. Wood and coal=fuel. Can’t mine the thick layers of ice for fuel. And it’s to cold for trees. Conclusion: Would die from cold.