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Major Characters

Race: Were-Cat

Disposition: Everyone is a foe and untrustworthy unless they prove otherwise.

Physical Gender: Female

Description: Hawk has a the same appearance as a young girl with long dirty blonde hair which has two cat-like ears that come out of the top of her head that are constantly listening for danger. Hawk also has a tail with the same hair/fur color. Hawk stands 4’3" tall. She wears a brown tunic, over an insulating layer of black cloth, with leather pants, a black cloak, and brown boots.

Abilities: Hawk is skilled in trickery and stealth. If she doesn’t have any of the daggers hidden throughout her clothing or hair she can resort to her retractable claws or sharp canines. Hawk uses her tail for balance and can climb and jump without fear of falling. Hawk’s smell and hearing are superb and allow her to detect danger faster than a human can. Her small stature allows for easy movement in smaller spaces and easier dodging.

Background: Hawk lived with her family for the first 5 years of her life before they were killed by an explosion that destroyed their house. The only reason she survived because she was playing hide n’ seek with her big brother and was hiding under the dining room table. When the house collapsed Hawk was knocked unconscious but saved from debris by the table. When she came to, she was outside the rubble and groggy from a head injury. There were three graves already dug and Hawk’s mother, father, and brother’s bodies laying on the ground. Sitting nearby was The Dragon Warrior who had pulled her out of the rubble. In her unorganized mind she believed he had killed her family. So she attacked him to no great avail. The dragon warrior persuaded her to believe him and let her pay respects to her family before burying them. Hawk was heartbroken and vowed to kill whoever was responsible, which The Dragon Warrior said was a government official working on a new weapon and targeted her home. Soon they would be along to pick through the wreckage for treasure. The Dragon Warrior brough Hawk into a tree to watch as he confronted them for their deeds. A battle soon immense and in the fray a messenger escaped to worn the official who ran away realizing the danger. Hawk spent the next 8 years learning assassination techniques from a trainer the Dragon Warrior brought her to. Hawk’s only goal is to find the official and make him feel the pain he caused her. The final thing The Dragon Warrior left with her was a silver-blue-black teardrop necklace, saying. “Break this teardrop and I will come, never lose this”.


Race: Human

Disposition: There might be good in everyone,somewhere, but there is also evil and there can be very evil creatures.

Physical Gender: Female

Description: Emily stands around 5’3" with long brown hair that droops from her head to her waist. Emily wears traveling clothes along with a tunic and buckle for a wand she uses. Her skin tone is pale and she burns easily.

Abilities: Emily uses one type of magic, which she inherited from her parents, Water magic.



Disposition: I shall help and protect Emily however I can.

Physical Gender: Amphitheres are an interesting race, The have no definite gender since they live until they die and turn into an egg.

Description: Iggie has the appearance of a large 4’ snake with a feathery wingspan of 4’5". Iggie has cyan white scales mixed with red rivlets.

Abilities: Iggie can blast either a ball of ice or fire from its mouth and its bite is venomous but not lethal. Iggie can fly quite fast and control the weather to a certain extent over time. Can telepathically communicate with intelligent creatures.


These are the 5 habitable continents on this planet. The Planet is orbited by 4 moons and orbits a medium-sized star.

Continent 4

Information on Planet R-340

J-68 Fauna 1
J-68 Fauna 2


The Dragon Warrior


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