Iris Clone

Small disclaimer; I wasn’t sure whether to post this to the bug reports category or here. I chose here because it’s less a report and moreso a post showing off something silly that happened. If this post doesn’t belong here mods can remove it and I’ll repost it in the proper category.

Game bugged my character when I joined and wouldn’t load it all, resetting gave me Iris’s face and clothes.

After resetting:



Probably a Roblox issue but it’s funny that the game did this to me.

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The shorter Iris

the heinz ketchup and heinz sweet relish twins

Iris and Jade (real) ((iris sister oc real)) (((not really it isnt cannon but it still happened i guess)))

The infection begins.

Soon every person in the Arcane Universe shall become a feisty redhead.


this gives me a reason to kill everybody i see

Her dad did what???