Is Beserker Meta?

I have seen so many Beserkers running the same build which is Boxing + Thermo


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Juggernaut and Knight > Mage and Savant rn

Don’t argue with me about the teirlist, aruge with this post

Yes and frankly, really any build that uses thermo fist is going to be good this update, thanks to all the speed changes and the nature of thermo.

Thermo’s got burning which is an excellent DoT status effect, extremely high speed and a gimmick that’s not very hard to use. Good damage too, it’s a fighting style with plasma’s speed and size but fire’s damage and status effect.

haha instant shot go brr

half my pvp engagements result in me losing

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iron leg boxing and thermo boxing/iron leg, so yeah, berserker is meta

I’m tired of all these iron leg boxing abusers. I see way too many of them.

knights can be better than mage and warrior.

I dont think you have ever seen a 1.5k hp knight doing 300 damage per hit

Juggernauts are also broken, literally same thing if you’ve never fought a good juggernaut player before imagine fighting a 2k hp berserker doing 600 dps with m1s

I keep telling people its not my teir list, its someone elses. I was just too lazy to make my own

Paladin not appearing on the list nor mage:

“Yeah I use Berserker with Iron leg and Boxing”

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Many such cases…

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