Is it better to use a defence build or a damage build?

I’m not sure cause some people say damage is better and others say that defense is better

feel free to put your opinion below

A hybrid build. That’s it.

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As of right now, weapons + health is pretty meta. This is just because of the regen. However, if you are vistarian and don’t have a sunken sword, don’t use health build’s, use a hybrid. If you are castillian or alalean then use the cutlass/castillian sword + old sword. It seems a little toxic but health build is definitely meta right now.

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i am a vistarian so ur besicaly telling me that using only sunken sword is better then magics?

Power and defense hybrids are definitely meta rn because of power and defense scaling. I’ve beaten sunken sword users with it easily.

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i got a hard wizard set, power amulet and a defence amulet

No, sunken + old sword is broken rn because of the cooldown rates and stamina usage. It’s going to be nerfed in the next update, but rn it’s still overpowered.

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I’ve used hybrid build al the time, and I have 71 power and 1002 hp. its a good built

wait i can use tidal wave and then the swing?

yes u can use old sword with sunken sword as op

what build do you use?

You could keep using rising tide + great spin and just shred through the enemies health, and since you have a bunch of health, you will probably kill them before they kill you with magic.

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what about what about the wizard hat? is a poor amulet better?


I use a defense based hybrid build just because magma + bleed is super strong

thank you all for the help im really thank full


Hybrid build the best :))))

Alright for serious though, going full power or full defense are a bad idea.

Full power while you’re going to do a lot of damage yes, your defense will be really weak. So unless you’re a master at dodging attacks, full power build is not really recommended.

While if you go full defense, all of your spells’ damage will be quite weak. Sure you can substitute spells for weapons since they just scale up according to their level unlike spells where it relies on both your level and how much power enchant you have.

But, it’s better that you can reliably use both weapons and spells since if you use only weapons, your combo option will be quite limited.

Hybrid build gets the best of both worlds, you’ll be tanking quite an amount of hits while also doing a decent amount of damage.

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thats my build rn not sure if its good or not