Is it even worth it trying to get sunken items?

As the title asks.
I want to get the sunken set and use it in my memey “bossfight” build (will have a shit ton of defense and attack size) but I’m debating if it’s worth spending the hours on end I’ll need in order to get this stuff.

no not really you canliterally just get calvus instead

calvus offers zero defense

hard enchant:

i mean, kinda?
its debatable because you could just wait for it to be outclassed or make an easier to get build.
really your choice.

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I’d love for there to be an easier method to obtain this bc the trouble just seems ungodly

and the player market is so ridiculously inflated that buying it from a player would need hours of galleon farming as well

only if you want a really gimmicky build that relies on size and tankiness

that is exactly what im doing
except every sunken piece costs a fortune on the market or takes hours per single part of the set

i suppose you could fish for it then

as i said, hours for a single part of the set


update: magnetic collectors rod is cracked.

how long did it take

also don’t people usually do sealed chest runs and lost cargo for sunkens (1/60 chance per crate/chest)

800 fish, but only 300 or so post wipe
in terms of time, ~4 to 6 hours straight of fishing, but that also netted me hefty profits in the form of rare, exotic, and legendary fish, as well as arcspheres and amulets

ok that’s uh…really good, magnetic collectors rod is supposed to be 1 in 1778 for a sunken armor piece to drop (assuming a 1 in 8000 chance is rolled for each sunken piece)

wiki math probably wrong or something

you can only get it from fishing at 1/2000 base chance

wait 1 in 2000? thought vetex had it at 1 in 4000

1 in 1333

its 1/2000