Is it just me

or is forums really dry recently?
there’s no interesting topics and honestly i used to have fun coming on here man


Honestly, I can kinda agree, most of the fun was honestly back when AO was still fresh. Hoping that Nimbus Sea can bring back some life as we’d be exploring an entirely new sea. 2 Chapters in the main story is just before sailor lodge and around 60 levels worth of story so we’ll see. I hope in those 2 chapters in Nimbus Sea things are more exciting.

i think most of the fun was because we were talking about unreleased features and speculating about how they could work, or at least it was for me, i think we just need more idea making topics that get popular


We need more idea making topics that vetex doesnt shut down lol

art is dry as well, bunch of women art (NOT THAT IM COMPLAINING) in the art category and well i wanna see something like a fight

Well then, how about this for a topic?

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You got Sirens to blame for that :rofl:

That looks sick

here’s a cool new idea making topic, interested to see if anyone else has any ideas for some new moves

I kinda feel that, I’ve been reading less of the forums than I usually do; mostly a combination of balancing schoolwork with other interests, but I guess i’m not really in an ao mood recently - I haven’t felt the desire to play the game in like, over a week. I’m also not really vibing with the current state of the forums overall recently, not to say i dislike it or the ppl on here or anything but rn it’s not really hitting for me as it once did, but that might just be due to how busy things irl have gotten for me


I currently feel the same, it does feel kind of dry atm. I stopped playing AO for a bit recently too

Itll probs start to kick off once the Deckhands mini-update comes out and ghe Nimbus Sea story update starts as well. Makes me wonder if we’ll see the story parts titles like how it did before AO was releasing, I saw some really interesting posts about it back then, pretty much speculating what happens in the story, so I think it might start again for the next update.

These moments of dryness call for more spirit weapon and warden threads

Nut on asuka gpu
Damnit Shinji!

You know what we need?
Forum Curses 3: Goku edition

School is also in full session which doesn’t help :<
I’m certainly swamped with lots of work T-T

eva collabs with literally anything i can bet you could find ex toys that are eva themed somewhere

actually im pretty sure eva collabed with adam and eve if you know what that is

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Brother there’s no way

Plus some big things that have happened recently could have given the forums a bad look, some people have become inactive because of it or so