Is it over thermobros?


It has been over since the previous Thermo nerfs.
This is just kicking a dead corpse, and they still haven’t addressed the elephant in the room.


im switching to boxing because thermo is getting fucking obliterated, my ONLY hope is that we can meet some kind of thermo master who will teach us how to use it well in sameria because thats where it originates. (also im not switching to boxing right now because the gloves are ugly, thats why im waiting for handwraps)

rip my sand thermo, I’ve had it for a year but it doesent have a seared synergy

oh right, i forgot they added handwraps, i should get them on a few of my characters myself.
But yes, Thermo is slowly becoming garbage, and not even it’s supposed future lost thermo upgrade won’t help it at all.
That is…if Vetex adds fighting style upgrades in the future.

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Evolved fighting styles are planned, but it’s unknown when and where they will appear

yes, i have hoped and prayed it will get an update, but im slowly returning to the reality of thermo getting destroyed (its not even that good)

least obvious pve demon

yeah? and what about that?
There are better things to gut than obliterating Thermo, but it seems like they want to do a finishing blow before hopefully gutting Sailord meta.

read my edited statement

actually gonna move this to a separate message

if you actually paid attention to anything pvp related
you look at the statistics
71% of every tournament winner in Arcane Odyssey Sea League was using some kind of build with thermo binded (Zerkers, Warlocks, Warlords, and even one savant)
if you include boxing alongside thermo
the number of tournament winners using either boxing or thermo was around 80%

Please stop being so ignorant

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wasn’t even aware of AO tournaments, likely because i am not a pvphead.

i thought Boxing was bad? Some people (likely Pvpheads) complain about me using boxing on one of my files sometimes.

Ah, so the actions of a small handful of players somehow justifies hard nerfing the style further

some of these players that won in these tournaments are (respectfully) dogshit
last time i used thermo.
i. never. lost. a. fight.
using basiclord (still very good) evens up the playing field a lot

please pray for pve demons
i will pray for your physical and mental healing
yall need it
god bless :v:

getting slandered for not looking up arcane odyssey pvp is crazy

Then you’re just good at the game.
Last time I used thermo (this is after the nerf), it was very hard, if not impossible to build up a full heat bar. With these nerfs, It will just be beating a dead horse.

Thermo getting nerfed for the 23rd time while sailor remains roughly the same if not better