Is it reasonable?

So like, let’s say there’s a small village of people that live in a grassland, and somewhere far off in the distance is where dragons live.

The townspeople are scared of dragons.

And I’m the mayor.

Is it reasonable or effective to have this in my defense system:

Multiple cases of hypergcharged nuclear weaponry

Railgun tank fleet

7D emergency semi sentient flesh

Reality distortion engines

And… the M.E.A.D

Also energy shields.

you might want this guy

Yessir he will be a good person perhaps for social things in the village while I’m military

Just have an episode where you friend the dragons

umm if the dragon isn’t doing anything and people are just scared. I’d think not.

Here be dragon bones

Ew no that’s like super dangerous

I should probably get more aerial units, so I will have a battleship fleet too.

Damn I’m rich

I mean sometimes the dragons get a but close and there was one time the energy shield went offline and a dragon sat on the city walls.

Thankfully it flew away before we had to bring in the heavy artillery

Still I feel like some townspeople get taken by dragons, I don’t know here they go.

Here no longer be dragons
Also the u.s. president would like to surrender and has sent you an official letter

Wdym I thought we allied with the USA lol

It saw you rolling out the heavy artillery and flew away.

Also the people that get taken do it of their own free will because they are scared of you more.

Idk man we have a lot of good jobs and lots of amenities inside the wall.

Also I’m only attacking the dragons I a cool guy to my subjects.


why was it at the wall in the first place?

It knew our Frontline defenses were down

I don’t know, that was one dragon. Feel free to get dragons that attack you but leave the peaceful ones alone. The dragon on the wall was at most scouting. :man_shrugging:

That’s bad, very bad.

If they’re scouting they’re planning an attack.

Good thing the research is underway for my greatest idea.

Cybernetic augmentation for everyone

Shall I repeat what I said.

Okay and

At least we aren’t being eaten alive