Is Magic Genetic?

So I’m an idiot and I don’t know if magic is genetic or is different for every person.

Let’s say a Lightning and an Explosion user have a kid.

Would there be the normal possibility of one parent having more dominant traits like the kid getting Explosion or would the kid potentially get something way different like Snow Magic?


Could kids theoretically get a combination of both?

Lore-wise, I don’t think this is possible because essentially Explosion + Lightning = Aether Lightning and that is classified as Lost Magic.

But let’s ignore the Lore for a minute.

From a scientific/realistic standpoint

Could this be possible?

(send help, I’m confused)


You said snow thus i had to like this post.

I don’t know

depends on what magic relies on
if it’s codominance it’s possible, but if it’s just dominant/recessive then it isn’t unless if a mutation happens
i doubt magic is genetic, it’s probably connected to emotion rather than genetics

Edgy = shadow ez
Joke aside, does that mean some kid will have to stuck with a magic that they awakened during their childhood/puberty ( which are basically the two most embrassing stages of a human life ) for the rest of their life ?
Imagine someone calm as heck has fire because of that ( not like it that uncommon )

…Wouldn’t it be Aether + Lightning? Y’know, since it’s aether lightning

probably not. I think it has more to do with personality

I don’t think babies have much of a personality

i think skylian culture (? it was the one that managed to have a lot of their people become mages) indirectly confirms this

It’s genetic, but it’s usually through a magic gene, so their magic is probably really random and can sometimes have nothing to do with their parents, Vetex has said that the magic gene is actually dying out as time progresses, eventually no one will be able to use magic


kind of.

It’s both

I wonder how long will that took, consider that WoM took place like 2000 years later and we still have powerful wizards like MC captains amd KDS
Would you think in the future when magic is gone and technology become advanced people will try to bring it back ? It kind of fun to think about it to me

Considering the gods don’t use magic themselves and just will things into being. Maybe after the magic gene ceases humans will just use technology to evolve themselves where they can do what the gods did and it would just go full circle from there

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It’s fading pretty fast as of WoM, considering most of humanity forgot 2 catastrophic events within 1000 years they will probably forget magic existed

just do dna splicing like with hashirama senju in naruto
splice the dna of someone who has magic into fetus and boom magic is back

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That’s how it was created but I meant it as Aether Lightning is Explosive Lightning Magic, in other words, Aether Lightning. It was worded weirdly


I can imagine proud family of heat magic mages have kids hoping they will be strong heat users to but instead they have wter and snow babies

Yeah bro, like, who the fuck cares about a shitty game called “World of Magic”. Where the “World War 3” at

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