Is metal the worst magic in AO?

Think about it

-if you want a magic that functions almost identically to metal, glass is faster and has far more powerful arcanium.

-if you want a large, slow magic with high damage, earth magic is your man, explosion, in a way, also outclasses metal.

metal in a vacuum seems good but when compared to other options it just… falls off a bit.

would you agree? or are there any things I was missing? how can we make metal feel more unique?

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its strong

i dont have any arguments as i never used metal before

yes, but, when comparing it to other options, it’s heavily outclassed.

or at the very least suffers extreme competition with its peers

it’s just bec it’s slow

earth is just better metal

The only leg up Metal has on others is that it can cause Bleeding more reliably than Earth.

Yes. The only positive I can think of for Metal is related to one Magic out of nineteen other options. Even then, Wood exists and isn’t that much weaker.

that’s only really effective if you are a mage which uses something which can clear bleed for increased damage
metal is pretty bad on all other magic based builds, just because it makes your speed terrible and most fighting styles have pretty pathetic bleed synergies (or just straight up don’t work with metal)

I would consider using it for a second magic but not a first anymore. Tried that, too painful.

i believe it can be good. it has clash rates which it wins almost all of them which is good for a slow magic as it will hit more things

clashing is… very uh, niche, of a stat.

if that’s the only thing you can think of to defend metal, it solidifies my point further.

just saying it isn’t the worst. there is ash alone which isnt as strong

ash is actually one of the better heat magics lmao

-ridiculous synergies with almost everything, an excellent choice on pretty much every build that uses magic currently
-one of the bigger magics ingame, 1.25x size modifier
-surprisingly not that slow??? 0.9x speed
-the damage is “low” but honestly the sheer amount of bullshittery you can pull off with ash and it’s synergy library basically nullifies this entirely

metal has pretty much almost none of that in comparison as its synergies are outclassed by things like glass and it’s extremely, EXTREMELY slow.

also it’s smaller than ash iirc (correct me if wrong)

no ash alone, with no other things its not as good (clouds are clouds and they can hurt), yes its good with other stuff like fire explosion and weapons

Metal might be bigger it could just be the effects one being solid the other not. metal is supposed to be that slow magic but tank like in a way.

ash alone is good though

it’s not the best by any means but it’s pretty underrated.

(trust me, ash mage is hell to fight against if you’re trying to play on high graphics)

what’s funny is

ash’s stats are seemingly “underwhelming” but it ends up performing extremely well


metal’s seemingly good stats but it’s probably the most outclassed magic in the entire game

nothing metal offers can make up for its terrible speed, which being slow in AO is generally not a good thing, the only reason earth is slow but it’s good is because it has the largest size in the game tied with explosion, as well as a more prominent bleed bonus, compared to metal which only gets a small, measly 5%

What in the 7 seas are you smoking? Metal is busted as a magic. It has a bleed which procs whenever you do mroe than 5% of a targets health, which is pretty much always. It also has a self synergy wuth bleed.

TO top if off, it has high imapct damage and great clashing and size, as well as a busted defense/power/destruction aura. I’m using it on my size metal/water paladin and it does good, even with paladin’s damage penalty. Also placed explosions have clashboxes, so you can just spam that if you have enough size to basicalyl never take damage.


My dearest condolences

(metal paladin finna be so ass bro :sob: probably like metal conj)

As someone with a metal main,
Its dog water
Buff metal or let me change magic

on that wicked shit with metal mage double beams and shockwave explosion hit like a truck


as a metal conj, I have never been so offended by something I agree with :sob: