Is metal the worst magic in AO?

now imagine that with earth tho

204 attack size on a 1.3x size magic??! yes please :money_mouth_face:

earth explosions look like crusty turds i would never


use bedrock silly :yum:

(we do not speak of sandstone)

wood is better ngl

Alr im ngl metal is good but u have to use it specifically (u can still out dps 9.9/10 builds with metal if built right also beam makes metal op its hits so hard and is really fast )theres alot of underated builds in general with ao that seem bad at first glance but if u try to take the bigger picture into account theres lots of niche and unique builds that are really good and busted…

Ash sailors for example is a really good build hits hard large aoe and has moderate speed

Imo before i judge whether a build is bad i go off what kind of niche strengths they have and how applicable they are

Glass is smaller and less damaging by a margin, ontop of having weaker resistance focus (Glass’s res focus used to REDUCE your HP) and Metal has better synergies

yeah but metal id cool

metals synergies are basically kinda outclassed by glass considering how similar they are

not to mention that glass’ “negative debuff” is extremely manageable in exchange for huge power

sandstone is cool with hybrids, since it actually changes the colour of the skill name to something interesting, while the rock and bedrock variant just make it a bit darker (we don’t speak of soil)

Toiletus Flushert, the earth curse user.

Glass has very few synergies, being Melting, Corroding and Sandy

As someone who gets their ass beat by metal almost every time, I am in denial

I’m running 40 power with paladin damage penalty so its even more ass… but at least 300 dize and almost 3k health

but why does metal get almost all the cool clash interactions? like the glowing metal blast if it’s hit with a heat based magic or the electrified blast if you hit it with lightning

probably because that would make it just slightly better and more interesting than just silly cubes magic

metal doesn’t have very much either.

in fact both of them only have 4 10% boost interactions.

the only thing metal has over glass is that it has a positive matchup with crystal, but then again, so does earth and explosion.

pretty much every argument you can make for metal has a pretty easy and sadly very apparent way to counter it because metal is pretty lackluster

it’s funny to imagine this post a week after AO early access released, and how many people would just be saying that you’re insane

you’re so right tho LMAO

I know it sounds like absolute deranged blabber but when you really look at it metal just doesn’t do anything that its competition can’t do better

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metal is hmm… other than clashing it is more iconic for damage, and it is uhh, more powerful in WoM

my reaction to this information

(yes its from release, but afaik metal definitely hasnt been nerfed to the point of being the worst magic available)

its not that it’s bad in the sense that it’s unusable, it’s “bad” in the sense that its competition are logically just better options.