Is the AO forum logo supposed to be like this?

i remember that i didn’t want the default theme because something about the logo was bugging me, and today i decided to go back to the default theme and… it’s still not transparent.

I only changed the theme to AO Theme for myself because of the Arcane Odyssey logo

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This has come up before:

Headless did what headless does and immediately locked the thread after making his post, but you actually can have transparency in the header logo - both discourse meta and the devforum have done it.

I’m pretty sure the issue is that headless is uploading his png (which supports transparency) and it’s automatically getting converted to a jpeg (which doesn’t) for file size reasons.
The header logo is here:
And that’s definitely a jpeg.

There’s a thread on the issue here (including some new fixes since this last came up).

Hosting the image externally will also work (and is what the devforum and discourse meta are doing).


ah, alrighty then. it sucks that it cant be transparent that easily but it is what it is

Huh, so that’s what this forum was made from