Is there a reason Why these 6 magics are so overrated?

Everyday when i join a server, i always see a fire/lightning/shadow/explosion/magma/ice user trying to kill me, i wonder if there’s any magic which 0% people uses as main.

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I use wood magic and never saw no one else using it.


fire - they just choose it or because of the nostalgia shit from AA
lightning - either nostalgia or because of the speed & paralyze
shadow - thats actually rare imo i dont see them a lot but most likely balanced
explosion - most likely because of the destructive force or because it looks cool
magma and ice are most likely metamancer users in the future

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what magic users you usually see everyday?

i dont choose bcus of the nostalgia from aa bcus i never played aa
i just like fire as magic


Fire: Generic.
Lightning: Also Generic.
Shadow: People generally run light instead, so replace this with Light.
Light: It’s a good Beginner Magic due to it’s fast speed. Also One Piece.
Explosion: 75% of the time, they rock it cause ‘ecks dee bakugo/megumin go boom hahaha1!!!1’
Magma: Meta Slave. It’s obvious, even if they deny it.
Ice: Meta Slave. They are super protective of their choice for some reason. YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM THE TRUTH


i chose ice because i wanna combo it with snow to be a winter mage. you got no arguments now :sunglasses:

I don’t get why people choose alot of those magic, I choosed shadow, fire and ice because I just want to experiment with them


This basically just drives home the point that Ice users are super protective of their choice.

I see plasma/lightning/fire and poison mostly

oh no, they like the certain theme of a magic! the horror. But seriously, you can’t call someone with snow a meta slave, that’s like calling Hitler a libertarian.

If you’re running Ice + Water and you’re not planning on looking like Fairy Leviathan from The Rockman Zero Series then I can’t trust you
I’m honestly fine with themes, i’m just kinda saying that Ice users are pretty protective of their choice. It’s just a running theme I see with people.

I wouldn’t know, because I’ve seen a grand total of 0 ice users that know what the chat function is.

ice isn’t even good lol

Some Random Ice User’s Lackey using Water or Wind: ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF

I chose lightning for nostalgia from AA so ur right

I have never seen anyone with gold, ink or wood trying to fight. I use fire though cause it’s a nice magic.

Gold can barely hit anything alone and ink is too weak and combo based to be really viable alone. Wood has a reputation of being bad which explains its unpopularity, however it’s still clearly usable alone in my opinion.

Wood is incredibly powerful when combined with other magics, but since we can’t get second or third magic yet Wood is kind of out of the question.