Is there any reason NOT to use 20% blast?

Hmmm javelin

I used to play tf2 sniper and do aim trainers so Iā€™m basically the Goddess of Death herself. 20% blast is nice and I demolish servers with my lightning warlock for fun.

20% blast is easy bro
Just abuse endlag.

warlocks with shapes are gonna go so hard

(we get to use arrow 20% blasts)

There is actually 1. If you are running a high agility build, you will need all the hits you could get, thus changing your attacks to a bigger size. Like stated previously, only high agility builds need this

20% blast, no
20% beam, yessss

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i legit have 2 beams, 1 shadow beam thats 20% size and 1 sand beam thats like 90% size