Is this ban valid (hint: no)

yea, he had 30k fish caught with not a single miss apparently (which is literally impossible without scripts)

Nobody is gonna “realize” hes an exploiter from this since theres no proof given

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hi lol

and also, who would sit there for 30K fish and just throw away their account

There is too much evidence

arent you allowed to macro as long as you keep watch though? theres no proof he was afk during his fishing

Why would you macro and watch though. You wouldn’t be able to do anything else at the same time.

you can if you multitask, do some work or sum while sitting at your desk and keeping watch in case someone comes knocking

macros are pre-recorded inputs
fish come up at random times and require random amounts of input to fish up, which is impossible to do with a macro.
he was using a script, which is exploiting.

heh, speak for yourself

did you even read the entire thing before replying?


no my friend morrock did :punch::fire:

Tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without telling me

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chrono macros are quite literally just recorded inputs being replayed over and over, scripts (when talking about exploiting) are code that can be forced to run using injectors and whatnot to do a multitude of things
you would know this if you weren’t dense
in the case i was talking about, scripts can be used to detect when a fish is hooked and automatically reel it in
macros cant do that, because again, fish are random.
i’ve had game devs as friends before im not stupid when it comes to this shit.

brother you have NO fucking clue how macros work do you :sob:

considering i’ve used them for other games, yes.

you can tell the macro to look for the fishing “!” when it appears on your screen and have it spam click to catch the fish. it doesnt just do the same pattern over and over again without thinking

i have quite literally never seen a macro program capable of that.