Is warden a rushdown oriented class?

Think about it

So wardens are meant to mirror warriors in terms of what they can do skill wise, but the extra HP also means that in theory they should be able to play more recklessly and aggressively compared to their weapon counterparts.

does this sorta make the vitality stat like how the strength stat is to magic? if magic and strength are zoner/rushdown counterparts, does that logic apply to warriors and wardens?

also a “tank” class sounds sorta confusing and I dunno how that would work in combat
personally I thought wardens would be “grapplers” to fill the missing archetype lol.

Oh my DAYS!
Warden has permanent percentage drawback…

savant 2.0 i guess

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watch warden can do everything but is just limited to hp loss

so savant but literally better lol :sob:

savant but more hp and more suicide attempts

Savant if it was obese

so true flarerflare of the nya neko uwu kingdom

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I mean if you’ve got more HP of course you have more room to play aggressively

crazy how the sword class is a zoner tho

Actually…Mage is a zoner according to the AO balance document, Strenght builds are meant to fill the rushdown archetype.

weapons are mix up tho, rushdown isn’t really the opposite of that and is already the strength stat

if mix up can be interpreted as being able to sorta use any kind of attack, or in other words just offence in general, then tank would be a fitting counterpart