Isnt this just witch hunting?

  • Witch hunting
  • Rage Baiting
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  • Both
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This person dosen’t need to quit the game, they need to be in a solitary confinement.
They deserve getting witchhunted for this one, this is the most insane bullshit i’ve heard about PVErs during my AO career.

I may make a Peacekeeper part 2 just for this

a what?

Just a on going series where I kill dickheads that do unfair shit in AO

i see, i see.
Atleast we have people that are upkeeping the peace in-game.

I do agree that it’s annoying when the person you’re hunting starts running, from the perspective of a PVPer… but at the same time you should be able to know WHY they’re running. Think of it like this: You, most likely an average 14-15 year old kid, gets jumped by a 40 year old man who has spent 25 years practicing Karate, with 10000 gold medals from all of his championships.

Obviously, YOU’RE GOING TO RUN! The only thing you have to gain by actually fighting back is death.

Back into the AO perspective, it’s also even more amplified by some other conditions like:

  1. Having a treasure chart
  2. Turning in sealed chests
  3. Being a bad rep player(never have a bounty as a PVEer. you’re basically on your knees begging to spend 30 hours of your gametime in prison)

Losing cash isn’t included since 280 galleons is chump change.

So yeah, it’s annoying when a 200 agility PVEer runs for 10 minutes and logs, but anything more than just being annoyed is going too far. Think about it from the PVEers side, as a PVPer. Wouldn’t they be just as annoyed, since they are also wasting their time running away? People don’t typically find spamming W to get away from someone fun(or to catch someone).

It’s okay to be, “Great, yet another 200 agility runner.”, but I’ll say it again, it shouldn’t go any farther than that. Be reasonable, people.

Also, I’m pretty sure this guy has actually been banned before. Can’t remember what the ban was for, though.


bro described my PVEr runner mindset in several paragraphs.

I sometimes fight back if i feel like they are equal, or worse than me in terms of PVP, and you know what? i win most of these duels, but sometimes…they either get one of their friends for help, or i have to run away because i got too cocky (sometimes) and got low.

Bounty hunters that hunt in groups are just laughable at that point. Even other PVPers would run. Luckily, this guy wasn’t ganking random PVEers and laughing at them for running from a STRAIGHT UP unfair fight.

Also- teaming on someone is basically the same as running from someone. “I’d probably lose if I fought on my own, so I’ll get a few more buddies with me.”

You can take it as a compliment if someone ganks you, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. And the thing is, what I said isn’t always true…

I’ve been ganked by players that could fold me even easier in a one on one fight. I don’t decline poster 1v1s. But some of the best players in the game will gank you and laugh at you for running… it’s like you just can’t win in the PVP community imo.

Either you be really good at the game to earn respect or you just don’t interact with the community, just enjoy doing what you love to do in the game. Not saying everyone in there is bad, it’s just that it feels overly competitive.

Like playing basketball in middleschool/highschool. People insult each other for no reason, push each other, fights breaking out… all because someone thinks the other person fouled. It’ll make people on the OUTSIDE think that you are uncivilized and people on the inside will have a more damaged reputation, I say that as a PVPer that was sort of active in the community until recently.

Think Noble Phantasm, for example. Simply being associated with Noble Phantasm LITERALLY makes you lose friends. People will start leaving the game when they see you join. Maybe at first it’ll be funny, but after a while the feeling of everyone just being wary of you becomes more painful than comical.

anyway basically it’s okay to run. As a PVEer you should carry as many gels as you can, try using gels that synergize with your build if you can’t use a love gel or there’s no other option but fighting back.

yeah ngl jumping at people’s just unfair, i get straight up obliterated when i get jumped, because i am usually caught off-guard by that.

But thanks to the “Show spell names in chat” setting, i can atleast save my ass from that, thanks to the spells in chat acting as a cue for running away from the immiment threat.

If you are aiming for renown higher than 300,000, that won’t help you at all. Actually, I’m saying this as a PVPer, just completely avoid getting more than 100,000 renown if you play the game for PVE. The second you go above 150,000 renown, you’ll have one big target painted on your back. Players will see your stats and think of you like a dog thinking of bacon.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Other PVPers would post pictures of the name and player stats of another player and say, “free renown, join up to gank”.

So yeah. Stay below 140,000 renown, that makes it so leaderboard players don’t have a reason to attack you. But then you have to worry about the ones climbing for the leaderboard- at least they won’t be as big a problem.

Went on a bit of a mini rant there. Whoops.

i think i’ve wiped my renown after the deckhand update, i think.
If i remember correctly…i have around like 14k renown if my memory’s right.

that is seriously wrong.PVPers are really out of their minds sometimes just to raise some numbers up, or get a ego boost, who knows which, i am not a PVPer myself.

“i think everybody with half a brain knows that pve players are fucking scum who shouldn’t be allowed to play the game”
i physically recoiled from hearing that

I know it is just a statement to make people annoyed, but some people do actually think like that (unaware that they will be the primary target of this if that were the case)

Oh, what’s this? I’ve spotted a poor choice of words here. Maybe the statement is correct, people who think like this do only have half a brain.

it sounds like they’re trying to be satirical with the opening but yes the actions done are that of witch hunting

I wish witch hunting was allowed. I want AO to become a PVP violent bloodfest.

Lemme do my charts in peace :pray:
This is why i use water breathing 5, shark repel and bleeding potions
Have fun fighting my pet sharks

He’s a witch! Get him!

bro brough us back to the old times, when Underwater structures had 100 sharks camping the structure.

I don’t witch hunt just bc it’s boring but I don’t find it wrong, if he really wanted to play the game without being hunted, he would leave his clan and/or reset his bounty/fame, because that’s the main reason why he was being hunted. If it wasn’t for these, and he was a neutral rep without a clan, then this would just be harassment and hopefully bannable, but as long as there’s an incentive, I’m fine with it, as long as you can remove the incentive easily. Especially in his case, instead of logging, he could have swam or driven to Silverhold, using the headstart he gets after joining a server, and reset his fame and/or leave his clan.