It's christmas! and I want to do something fun

Why, hello there friend!

So, you may know my best of the best, premier level editing skills… and I want to do something fun with them for Christmas!

I want to decorate a Christmas tree, but if I just did it myself. it wouldn’t be too intriguing… so I want the people here to suggest something to add to the Christmas tree (person, object. whatever!) and I’ll try adding it in!

I’m intending for the image to be created and finished sometime tomorrow (late Christmas gift, I know). so if you want something to be added, you gotta pick something fast!

and of course, have a happy and merry Christmas! I hope everyone here had a good one =p

(Btw, try not to suggest too many things… if you DO, I may only add one or two. I wanna make sure everyone can add something. and that may be a little difficult if I do everything)

Edit: Finished! check the replies!


your mom

Add a menacing aura around the tree (for fun)

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I cannot obtain a google search image of my mom, unfortunate…

To ease the impact of such phenom, you should choose another thing instead!

found her taking a vacation on an island.
(it’s the fish if you are wondering)

woah there, I see…

well, the fish here may look a little different when it arrives here! it is fairly difficult to crop out fly out such a fish here and it may take a toll on it!

Add countryhumans in the tree

oh hell

I’ve searched it into google, and it’s… something to be sure! but this time… I have a excuse I have unfortunate news to deliver… I can’t find any images that aren’t transparent!

So, I can’t edit them in well… If I have to edit them in then I have to ask… which one… and you’re always welcome to rethink your options. I’m currently collecting ideas and haven’t started yet. after all!

Add ideologies and Magic boom boom

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Could you add myself and Wax ;3 He is the forum god after all

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Add a bag of weed and a bag of crack for Heat and Snow Miser

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Add fascism now

I’m gonna make him as far away from you as physically possible, I think I know what you’re getting at with that face…

It’s just a simple winking cat face with text, what possibly more could it mean? :mariomug:

What about my ideals

Yeah… what about them…

But seriously. I’m probably gonna take your magic idea

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Yeah that is a good idea, you can just add every Magic from the game on the tree if that’s what I’m understanding

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While I was thinking of specifically magic going boom, adding magic icons as ornaments sounds like a great idea! thank you!

No problem also question am I infamous?