It's Time

If you’ve been active recently, you may have seen how many people are on the forums.

Not only is the release attracting attention, but think of the future for the population on the forum.

Back in 2020, it felt like a small community, whereas you knew everyone like neighbors. At one time, I’d say there were 20 so-ish people. Now I’m looking at all these names and I have no clue who many of them are.

In addition, this means that more people can view the art and writings of those active members who’ve been receiving feedback before. If you share something know it’ll surely get around quicker.


the floodgates have opened…


I’m going to miss the tight-knitness we’ve formed over the years but I knew it wouldn’t last. The forums are only going to become more and more active.


Forums during TGR:

Forums Now:


My favorite part of the forums was User4, Vetex’s, Techlevel, and every other moderators clash. At the end of it all the only one standing was headless who said “Well… This truly has been, and arcane odyssey forums”, and then the Arcane Odyssey forums were built

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the number will only rise

On the plus side, there will also be more cooler people coming over so we’ll at least have that

unfortunately some of the worst are coming out of the woodworks too

Like who? I haven’t seen anyone besides that one clan doing something wrong yet

Sometimes you gotta look on the brightside, it’s always inevitable that a community will have some of those types as well. I trust you and the mod team enough to handle them

we’ll do our best, but yeah i am mostly just looking forward to the return of some old friends

Even in the old days most people were nice I thought. I was kind of a troublemaker since I got banned a couple times but I don’t recall that many people being bad

Same here, Mako would be nice to see again

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it wasn’t that bad (and that wasn’t my initial point anyway), but the bad apples are truly rotten sometimes

Would I be correct if I said I was one of those scary evil monsters when I was a newbie?

paragon like the BTD6 upgrade?

we love kuya mako

he gave me phasmophobia but i only played it onxe with him (fucking scared of horror games)

paragon the dude who sits on his ass and makes like 2000 fucking dollars a second (yba)
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