Ive finally done it

I made Arcane Odyssey
In Infinite Craft
On an old broken school chromebook
With a bad trackpad


No way the AI knows about us
Try to create AO forums

BET will do

cthulu for president: arcane adventures??
what did you do to get to this first


Damn that’s impresive…
Now do Online Fighting (if the AI even knows what it is)

"Aprizzachef has earned “Bronze Sea Colonizer!”


“This has been… an adventure… No, an Odyssey in this World of Magic.”

Tried to create Morden and failed

teach me the ways to do this …

not cap, and it says “First Discovery” meaning I was first to find it lol

that one streamer who said “stream ends when I make Roblox in infinite craft”
yeah I went far past that

Now try to create Arcane Odyssey Inflation

(It’s about the galleon)

It’s really been an AI Odyssey…

when was this game added

January 31st, 2024

I googled it

yummy likes :yum:

ah yes

my discoveries in general…

Did you make these before my post or after my post?