Jail Revamp

Jail Revamp https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/optimized/3X/6/b/6ba06e88251a55778db78a5ce729e933a3e38a23_2_1024x532.jpeg
effort 4.96969696969697 33 quality 4.970588235294118 34 reasonability 4.941176470588236 34

Come on a couple more people need to vote for this

certified abdul W

Did you just ruin the perfect rating?

Kill this man

It’s a good idea overall. It focuses on revamping a dull part of the game, can’t see anything that goes wrong with it.

This is an amazing suggestion and I don’t understand who thought making the player actively NOT play the game was good game design. The only time jail is somewhat enjoyable is when you have people to talk to whether that be another prisoner or an asshole GN member berating you through the bars.

Maybe in this case, if you do these tasks when you have an execution looming over your head could extend the timer instead so there’s more time for you to either hatch an escape plan or have a friend break you out of jail. Since there’s stuff to do while in prison, this time wouldn’t just be more AFK time- especially if self-escapes are an option. Maybe with lower bounty you can even get your execution canceled.

It would be cool if you could talk to a certain npc to help you break out for a fee of galleons

If there was something like that, it should be decently expensive so people can’t spam it all the time

Jail fucking sucks lmao.

Meanwhile vetex made the ravenna jail treat you better.

But one thing that shouldn’t be added is if you’re getting executed you shouldn’t have your jail time reduced

This fixes every reason why i don’t go villain, because i would love to be in the assassins sindacate, but im in gravy because its not evil and its not basic, also imagin joining greenwish


ah yes no more solitary confinement
or white room

about the quests part, I don’t think that the guards would give you any money for volunteered labor as you are a wanted criminal, or would the prisoners have that much valuable stuff to give you anyway.

(Coming from a good rep player)

imagine if it gets denied because immersion says villians deserve punishment

@ThatOneGuy Do your job, brother

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