Jail Revamp

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Jail Activities

Currently in the game, getting jailed traps you in a room for 10 minutes, 10 minutes of absolutely nothing to do. My suggestion aims to add activities that will benefit players while they are in jail and not just distract you.

The Existing System


  • It simply isn’t fun.
    • Casual players can quit the game out of boredom.
    • Invested players minimise the game and do something else in the meantime.


  • Incentives cooperation between players to get yourself broken out.

Some Activity Ideas:

Negative Rep quests

I think using jail as a place to grab a couple repeatable quests would make players feel a bit less frustrated when they get locked up. Here are some examples:

Quests to complete outside of prison:

  • Revenge on The Navy: Sink a Grand Navy Ship. (repeatable)
  • Merchant Raid: Sink a Merchant Ship. (repeatable)
  • Message Between Thieves: Talk to a criminal inside Blackwater Village.

Quests to complete inside of prison:

  • Smuggled Item: Pick up a knife off the floor and give it to X prisoner. (repeatable)

Interactable Prisoners

Inside jails there could be some stationary prisoner NPCs, you can talk to them to receive some lore and further world building for the War Seas.

Topic examples:

  • Famous Pirates/Grand Navy members.
  • Grand Navy lore.
  • A tale from the dark seas.

Timer Reducing Tasks

These tasks are the bread and butter of this suggestion. After picking up whatever quests they want from prisoners while in jail, players could do various beneficial tasks. These tasks:

  • Reduce their jail time.
  • Provides them with exp or items to further their gameplay when released.

This would encourage them to play the game in order to get out faster. Personally I’d like if doing enough of these tasks reduced the timer down to 5 minutes or less.

Some ideas:

  • Moving cargo (Provides some galleons)
  • Cleaning up floors by picking items like old boots.
  • Cooking food (Food, Cooking Exp)
  • Mining (Source of gems?)



Overall the jail system right now is just another one of the downsides of playing with a bounty. With it changed I think the game would get a bit more engaging for players on that side of renown.
If anyone has feedback to this suggestion, be free to let me know and I’ll consider it, then if I like it, edit the post.


holy shit this looks pretty cool

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This is why you’re my favourite forumer Abdul…

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A good revamp for the prison system that everyone unanimously thinks is hot garbage.
I mean sure, it’s a punishment for getting caught, but having to wait for up to 10 minutes AFKing really puts an unnecessarily long break in the game.

Maybe there could be a prison break quest available if you do enough negative rep quests within the time period that helps you maintain and can further increase your bounty as well as allow you to escape early or perhaps an option to stay inside for a little longer due to the quests n’ all

i dont think you should really be rewarded for prison work though, it should probably just reduce your sentence


This is a really good idea, I see a lot of people complain about how boring jail is, and while I think it should be a punishment, having at least something to do in there will really improve the system by leaps and bounds.

common abdul w

This suggestion is peak

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Yeah I don’t see why they kept the same system from WoM, there should definitely be things to do while in jail so your not forced to just afk
(It really is a pretty dumb system currently if you think about it)


Amazing suggestion, prison right now is literally just a deterrent from playing the game (made me want to quit my bad rep file straight up)

I like it!

I think a cool addition would be something like bribing a guard. The guard has a 50% chance to accept to the bribe and cut your jail time by 70%.

Probably not as good as an idea as the original, but still. 5 star tbh

Woah, to be honest i don’t even know why this isn’t in the game already. Just having the player be AFK for a certain period of time is just bad game design.
VERY good suggestion :+1:

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I like this. Being able to reduce the timer by doing activities also makes executions feel more threatening as it feels like an actual punishment instead of just a thing that happens after being afk for ages, and It would be cool if there was a difficult escape quest which you could only attempt once per arrest, just in case there is nobody to break you out externally.

There could def be other stuff along with, maybe a stealth section to try and solo escape and such, a way to pay some dude on the inside to break you out and such, and perhaps even a crew that you could hire from the place that could possibly be related to helping out other criminals(doing their tasks) or getting revenge on the gravy(sinking their ships) and stuff. Overall great idea

I seriously think this can be a major improvement to the current jail system, and its really well thought out too!

you are rewarded for walking around an island and picking up coconuts and shells, i see no harm in a small reward for completing jail tasks. you already lose a portion of infamy when captured, so it could ease the burn.

Been saying this for AGES please DO NOT make AO jailing like WoM jailing, if Vetex approves a suggestion it has to be this one :sob:


please make jail fun I do not want my ass to be waiting 10 minutes while AFK

the only system in AO that I can say with full confidence is complete dogshit

i love this especially reducing the jail time with tasks to kill the time