Jesus Christ how long is this questline

As long as my :eggplant:

I’ve actually never physically seen an eggplant before, only in photos

So very short?


i can safely assume the unit of measurement is one year = one millimeter

Tomorrow’s the one week anniversary of the Forest of Cernunno questline’s progress :partying_face:


from what you’ve just said i’d say:

  • Minimal content
  • Incredibly Short
  • Very overhyped

I can show you proof :flushed:

Or give it to you :smirk:

no thanks

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Not after i use a wondrous line:

penis inconvenience.

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AA 200 gunslingers
who knew that a wizard can fight against an un-ending machine gun 200 times

How is this relevant

damn this questline is gonna be over in a blink of the eye

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everyone woke up today and decided to roast Cosmos lmao

feel bad for my mans

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That’s not a questline, that’s literally a point on a graph

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Oh my god you’re a genius

The quest is probably for our first awakening

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Justice for @Cosmos :frpensive::fist:

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Remember this in AO