Journey to 5 Million Galleons

Since the Nimbus Sea Update, I’ve been starting to work on a project of reaching the maximum amount of galleons a player can have: 5 Million.

As of 1.14.61, a dev build that Vetex was working on the Nimbus Sea in, the maximum amount of galleons that a Level 80+ player could hold was raised from its original price at 500,000.

I was taking a break from Arcane Odyssey until the release of the Nimbus Sea Update on March 29th, 2024.

I recorded my experience with the launch, being there right as it happened.

As of then, I had almost 50k galleons to my name.

After completing the Nimbus Sea Update, I used my perfect jewel crafting to craft a bunch of jewels from my overstocked gems. I traded them in bulk to the NPC merchants, enough where I would eventually reach 200k Galleons.

I had 236,000 Galleons as of April 21st, 2024.

It was around then that I realized what truly would accelerate my galleon income: trading with other players. I started advertising on the Vetex Discord, I had a lot of stuff accumulated from dark sea runs and luck parties. It paid off quickly, as only a couple days later, I reached the previous galleon limit of 500,000.

Screenshot 2024-04-23 090810

The acceleration did not stop there. By April 26th, 2024, I sold more and eventually reached 1,000,000 Galleons. I did post about it on another forum post, which you can find here.

It was at that moment that I really decided to go for this journey, to reach the maximum galleon limit.

My progress has not been as fast as that week of achieving 750,000 galleons. Mainly for two reasons: I had started to get into pvp, which took time away from dark sea hunting and luck parties. In addition, much of the bulk stuff I had gained before the Nimbus Sea Update were sold, so I had to keep looking for more items to sell in the process.

Nonetheless, I continued selling on the market, eventually reaching the 2,000,000 milestone on May 8th, 2024.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 233154

Finally, as of May 14th, 2024, I reached the 2,500,000 milestone, and finally making it to the halfway mark.


I will keep ya’ll updated on my progress. I currently have 2,681,120 galleons as of this forum post. I got the idea of posting here from a friend of mine on discord, saying it’d be a good idea to keep track of my progress in case a galleon glitch comes along and threatens to wipe my whole treasury :sob:

I’ll update ya’ll soon!


holy mistake this man is going to buy out the whole of ravenna


bro has more money than the entirety of ravenna’s budget


So… are you just selling gems?

I did at first, and it’s a good way to get started, but it’s selling items like sunkens and exotic scrolls to other players that’s really getting me money.

Why no cargo runs? They are not profitable at all?

Why bother wasting away at such a boring, long, and tedious process when you can make others do cargo runs for you?

Depends on your luck. Cargo runs are more… passive? Like, the scariest thing that can happen is you being ganked by someone, while Dark Sea runs can be ruinned by a bunch of different factors.

that’s fair lol, so do you just sell items purely for galleons?

I also accept other currencies, plenty of my trades are for other exotic scrolls, and a couple have been with sunken, leg fish scales, and acrimonies

9,900 galleons cargo from Ravenna to redwake with 100 cargo kinda worthless ngl (example)

faster if you just trade for currency

Its genuinely no where near profitable for the amount of time it takes imo

Fellow millionaire, I praise your journey! Best of luck!

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Quick Update for Today: Went to a Luck Party but sadly didn’t get any Sunken. Did some selling, and currently have 2,852,608.


Final update for tonight: Reached the 3,000,000 milestone! Got a lot of sales today, and sold a bunch of useless junk in my inventory to npcs for an added boost! If the rate keeps up, I’d be able to reach the 5 million mark in only a few days!


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