Just chillin in deepwoken

Just chillin

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This is the sort of stuff I can’t wait to do in arcane odyssey lol


I don’t play ao/deepwoken for the story or gameplay. I play it for the screenshots


Chillin and Deepwoken are two words that do not belong in a sentence together

You would be incredibly surprised.
Deepwoken doesn’t suffer from the critical design flaw that rogue had where the game demands you to kill every player you see.

ye most people are friendly actually and give me tips and stuff. Although one time some stupid guy with an alt stabbed me while I was making soup.

oh maybe I misjudged this game

Your actually punished by the insanely op guards

I’d say its less that they’re insanely op, and more that there’s alot of them and most new players don’t expect gale lunge from guards.