How has your experience in dw been?

Why are you comparing deepwoken to arcane odyssey :neutral_face:

2 completely different games which aren’t similar in the slightest (at least I think so :trol: haven’t really seen much about dw but I know the general concept)

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everyone is freaking out over deepwoken on the arcane forum, so it’s like, "oh hey! we are on the arcane odyssey forum! how about we talk about “completely different game which is not similar in the slightest!”

Let them have their fun this isn’t going to last long anyway, also there’s really not much to talk about in AO as nothing really major has happened in a while so :woman_shrugging:

Progress has been so slow for me lol it’s only because I’ve been playing solo I really need to join a guild

what the fuck you used a clip from almost a entire year ago, clip invalid

also the melee in AO (Excluding skills) is gonna be shit, no1 can deny.

Its been going pretty well

  • in my first hour some random guy asked if he could spit on me a bunch then gave me boots as a compensation. i wasted hours at my spawn island and found the shipwright, went in a random direction and found an island right before i starved. there was some tomb and a random shadow looking guy destroyed me.
    died the second time due to a random bandit with lightning spells who also destroyed me on a random nearby island

  • next character, i got killed literally 2 seconds after spawning by someone camping my spawn and who already removed half of my health before the black transition even stopped.
    i respawned in the same server and ran away while the same guy was chasing me again and had to stand right next to guards just for them to notice whats happening. i went to a random campfire super close to the spawn and 2 npcs(?) with a red shirt decided my breathing rights got taken away. died by jumping off a cliff while fleeing.

  • final character, i wasted hours on the spawn island as usual and ended up in some palace where i almost got destroyed by guards. they werent very good at parkour so i just ran away. died by failing my jump above a cliff.
    i went on a random island close to my spawn and tried to ambush bandits. didnt work.

overall, i wasnt planning to care about the game in the first place and, as expected, i dont. i gave up after that. only about 1/4 people tried to end my life which surprised me, and most of them didnt bother chasing if i ran away. on the other end, i expected guards to do a better job and actually discourage players properly.
most people at the spawn were nice enough at least, i even trained with someone to help them parry

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I’m stuck at spawn, and yet I love it

nah, I been soloing Prometheus

however outdated that clip might be, you cant deny the fact that that you are paying 5 dollars for a block character anime game (:

What’s wrong with blocks? And how tf is it an anime game?

Do you know how many Rusty Cans I could fish up with that? :smiling_imp:

sure, 150 million lamina for 10000 fish bait deal?

I feel like I finally understand how pvp works after chopping wood for some moolah I grinded some of the skipper things I finally reached power 5

Not bad 22 power

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game is confusing, idk how to make money
also i stepped on some grass and i was supposed to know its a tree branch even tho it was at ground level and died

and AO’s character is even more block character anime game than deepwoken, what you even tryna say



Man you bringing up the 5 dollar entry fee like its a boatload of cash for a game.
If this shit was on steam it’d cost $15 minimum.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: If spending 5 dollars has any potential to make you feel regret simply by spending it, then deepwoken not about to be your kind of game.
If you care about $5 then you’re absolutely going to freak when you lose a character you’ve worked on.

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the game is really skilled based. Which is bad for me cause I have no skill