Just put literally any idea here

Put any ideas here, key word ideas. wether its weapons, magics, or anything else. I really dont fucking know anymore

like the idea of different cities having different kinds of money they accept?
that would give banks a pretty good use ngl

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I think that this wouldn’t be a very good idea since you’d have to manage all sources of the money you have in other places, while having only one currency makes it so you can use it and manage it across the entire game

it would give that culture vibe a boost tho

Technology lost magic

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hell nah

After playing a rouge like game wom would’ve worked better imo if after losing all your health you get knocked out instead of dying and the only way to actually kill a player would be by pressing a certain key.

vitality perks such as all damage type resistances, increased hunger and saturation stats, reduced hunger and saturation consumption, food restoring more hunger/saturation, reduced injury chance, increased rate of injury healing, reduced chance of injuries worsening, possibly even late-game, high vitality injury healing at any point and even the prevention or massive weakening of injury worsening happening.

That’d make vitality really viable imo


OH OH, I HAVE A GREAT IDEA: a town where maids are banned and get the death penalty if they do enter


No >:(



Now you’re speaking my language!

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and maybe a village for maid gathering so we can slaughter them all at the same time ezez

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yea, and also i think stat builds that use vitality such as paladin (magic/vitality) should get perks that change their defensive part. The idea i put for that was it would give you the defensive stat of clashing with a veil of magic that takes away energy slowly.

an example i gave:
a fire magic paladin build would have it so that wood magic does less damage, however water magic does more damage.

That’s too specific. It’d be more like “15% physical damage resistance” for a paladin build

I thought this was a safe space to share ideas man

Not very swag bro.

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sorry but tech magic is kinda ruining the intire vibe of AO

Technology can exist naturally too you know

oof stupid of me to forget: the basic rule of what is technology…
even a spoon is technology cuz it was forged ect. ect.