Keihatsu: The lightning demon

Most artist doing Ao arts while i still doing World of magic drawings :slightly_frowning_face:

So, this is my original OC : Tenshiro Oda, he is a keihatsu leader. I already made a post for him in My World of Magic OCs
This is my design sheet that i made for him

Oh yeah, i forgot the timelapse


Holy moly

Josiah next pls

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pog tesurra art is back

wait this looks like that coward from demon slayer.

This looks fucking insane :frcryin:

i beg your fcking pardon ?
(okay to be fair ig he’s kind of a coward in the first few seasons ig)

There’s more than 1 season? Where can I find them?

the manga is already completed, ss2 is out now iirc, there’s also a movie

I knew about season two and the movie but I don’t have a platform to watch them on.

Alright you have a dragon ball charater and a demon slayer charater
Wheres naruto now

swanky fella

mfe i’m just drawing creatures and not saying anything too specific to location and time period

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Lightning magic first form


This is some of the best art on this forum i’ve ever seen. Keep up the great work.

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