Ketch Overhaul

Basically the Ketch is currently shadowed by the brig’s capabilities in the dark sea, so I’m thinking of simply adding a hold to the Ketch, enterable through a hatch near the main mast. This would provide extra storage space, a washbin, maybe one or two photos.

Because 3k is still a hefty investment for a lot of players, but 20k is infinitely more to them.

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I don’t believe its possible to get water poisoning in the first range of the darksea. Ketch’s aren’t meant to go past range 1, Brigs are meant to.


Ketches are a scam tbh

Ketches were my preferred boat before Brig.

No ram?
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I honestly don’t care enough about ram.

ofcourse you’re right, but that shouldnt stop you from going entirely. a ketch is a big ship theres no reason for it to not have a hold

Ketch for now had more speed and higher turning compared to Brig, so if a player prefer to high speed than big firepower and isn’t going to dark sea, Just using a ketch can still be useful

a ketch has a base speed of 70 a Brig has a base speed of 75.

A Brig is much better not to mention the additional deckhand slot which can be used for speed.

you don’t need to go to range 2 of the dark sea to find dark sealed chests. range 1 is still perfectly fine.

I remember Brig has base 68 speed while Ketch have base 70.

not sure if it’s changed now, but when you mention having 1 extra deckhand, yeah I can see your point.

no the base speed is very much 75

The Ketch has 70 speed, the Brig has 75 speed, they both have 50 turning. But the Brig has higher potential turning thanks to the 1 extra deckhand slot.

Well uhhhh you see, ketch’s purpose is to be for cargo trading which is why it has little to no stuff obstructing the deck when you remove the cannons as well as why it has no ram slot either, it’s not designed for battle or the dark sea

Brig on the other hand has a lotta crap blocking the deck like the trap doors and the pillars being bigger than the one in a ketch, overall Brig’s deck looks tight as fuck but space doesnt matter much considering it has one purpose, to be a boat suited for the dark sea

To compare Brig and Ketch’s size, there’s little difference pretty much

I believe you can, I saw a youtube video about soloing the dark sea and the dude got water poisoning before hitting insanity 1

yea sure let us just copy and paste the brig :+1:

tldr; buff ketch i don’t have the money to buy brig


He cant use the ketch to cargo trade enough to get a brig frfr

It was never like that lol

the ketch is fine as it is.
why would it need to be better?

It can explore the first range of the dark sea and that’s all it needs to do.

Of course its overshadowed by the brig, why wouldn’t it be?