King David Silver - A throne built in ashes

After an intense and unnecesary art training I thought that it was moment to do one of the obligatory fanarts from WoM, and no I won’t do Minotaur any time soon :fr:

I also got some news, after a lot of painful, desperate and suffered panel drawings, I’m getting close to finally finish the 2nd episode of the Forgotten adventures series. If I can keep up my current speed, the episode should be up by the middle of the next week, even earlier if I keep evolving my speed.

Trollus, I truly envy your speed (I admire it :+1:)

In the meantime, enjoy these tiny peaces of fanart I’m making, just to not completly die from the forum as I post the chapters :frhigh:


BNT bout to go crazy Tobiemoji_devious

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He looks pretty young but other than that, I like it. The one eye glowing is pretty nice and so is his pose.

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kds is only like 30

epic glow effects

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He is? I always figured man was at least 40, maybe in his 50’s. The gray hair isn’t doing him any favors.

silver lineage or something

King David at his prime form looks so strong


the silver family has grey/silver/white hair which makes them look older

i also think that auburns are usually more likely to have yellow/orange/red hair than anything else (because auburn)