Knight of Thorns

Entangled, the prey begs for mercy from she who wanders the forest grounds.

A painting I won’t finish, so I cleaned it up as much as possible to introduce my concept for a spirit weapon OC before canon spirit weapons come and make her non-canon :fire:

I’ll be posting some doodles of her in my doodle thread below (shameless plug)

Doodle dump thread link


bro why didn’t you finish it you still could have

Wasn’t feeling it, and I knew I wouldn’t be returning to it to work on lmao

needle spirit weapon?! Is that a black magic II reference?!
play black magic II on roboxlay for more details


ngl gank/10

is that saintsworn deepwoken

SPirit weapons wont be enough to beat AWE.

Really like the background thought, also these flying blade thingies look nice

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Fellow BM2 player!

Who do you main?

les go finally someone else who plays that
secare main, used to be rev but it got nerfed lol

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Or, as is always the fun part, modify the spirit weapon wielder since knight weapons are confirmed to be happening :fire:
(screenshot proof, point 3)

Oh wow, that class still confuses actually.

Secare is kinda hard to combo / set up using only 2D camera

IDK, I never use lock on just shift lock, I think the visuals look cool too
What’s your main

I’m an ava main :mariomug:
Very excited to see how it will be remade though

yeah ava has some crazy combos
I was in a server with rogue once

We should fight some time, I’m a bit rusty but do want to get back into the game .3.

I remember that time i tried playing keystrokes class on BM Unleashed my god it was so painful

sure want to frend
we can 1v1 or something

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Sure, my username’s going to be Biologically_Noob

ok you can guess what mine is, sending request