Least favorite subject in school

I hate Science,never been good with it and i never liked it
Im taking Earth systems this year and so far its pretty good but still science is not my strong suit.

My least favorite subject is PE because it’s pain.

Spanish my last two Spanish teachers sucked

French was my 2nd least favorite
I know learning a 2nd language is tough but i just never liked any of my french teachers lol

I’m taking Spanish 5 this year, it would be my third language cause I learned one at home, I just hated my last two teachers, my first two were great though

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Math I hate it

Currently taking a statistics class for my major and even though it’s middle school level math I’m still getting ptsd

I disliked Drama/Performing arts but I don’t do it anymore, now my least favourite is PE

Art. I have an eye for art and can appreciate or see the beauty in just about anything, but my dexterity is shit and I can never make good art myself. Just beyond my abilities. I envy artists heavily since that’s just something I’ve never been able to get into no matter how hard I try, albeit I’ve never tried all that hard.

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If you really want to get good at art then you should try harder.

Just something I know would take wayyy to long for me to even be half decent at. My hands were not made for anything that requires any level of even good dexterity. Such tasks are always a challenge for me, even after doing them for a long time.

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Math is just not compatible with me no matter how hard I try to remember formulas and all

I hate algebra with a burning passion.

I also have an agenda against french class, but that’s mainly the teacher’s fault.

honestly? P.E.

why? it tends to make my arms/legs hurt.

that is a very bad thing to have happen to a fencer considering just how important being able to actually hold a fucking epee or lunge is

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math is the worst

PE and science are fun

language classes are boring but not downright mental breakdown level like math

PE and Art are just the 2 things im not good at tbh (art is at least somewhat enjoyable)

Its usually subjective depending on the teacher though

My favorite is science.
My least favorite is foreign language.

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swim unit in 50 F

in the current semester, my least favorite class is probably the one tasking us with the preparation of a gaming event with a couple tournaments for maybe a hundred people before the end of march

we havent really done anything yet but ill eventually have to go look for sponsorships despite not knowing much about this town at all.

but obviously you guys are talking about the usual school subjects. id say french, im pretty good at it but i never liked essays or oral presentations

pe is so fun tho

Sometimes it’s fun, but most of the time it’s painful. Like that time that we had to run 800 meters in under 8 minutes in 90 degrees farenheit weather.