Least favorite subject in school

how much is 800 meters im American

2624.67 feet

oh that’s not that bad

we have to do double that but it isn’t timed

About half mile

I’m sorry but that’s not hard, high school runners can do that in 2 minutes, accounting for heat, maybe up to 2:05

8 minutes is a D grade.

hate spanish, boring ass language

I’d hate P.E. if we had to do that constantly since a fun fact is my body is way too fragile despite being athletic and my legs would enter severe pain for at least a week after running that

any language subject

so you’re a glass cannon?

if the glass cannon also cracks from being fired, sure

if I swing a fucking badminton racket a couple of times, maybe do a game or two, the next day my arm hurts from the wrist to elbow.

p.e cause pain

art and music ( idk if they’re separate where you live or not but in my country art and music are classified into one ) cause im suck at both of them

math, same reason above


like no sht i love reading shts and even nerding about them, hell i can watch an hour long video analyzing one single small detail in a book ( or any other forms of media ) and enjoy it

but when it comes to literature i just dont like it, maybe it the writing paragraph thing idk

physics and chemistry, not hated technically but im bad at them so…

im decent at memorization ( for like, a day ) tho so the others have been decent for me… most of the time

fck history and their dates, love reading about it tho

I don’t like math, mainly because every time I do a problem it comes back wrong even though I did it right, and when I have asked for help they always (from my point of view) pull number from their arse holes. THE NUMBERS JASON! WHAT DO THEY MEAN!