Let me into artists

haha i dont have artist role so i cant do anything anyways heres my wom character


this is actual trash litteraly looks like female dream you actual penis ass litteraly spheres for shoulders ball fart


grrrr im gonna get u banned !!! your not allowed to say that ¬!¬¬¬

no!!! ball fart! No get macrobe ban me!!!

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I mean, this would definitely get in if you finished it and made a proper submission.

it is finished
who says sketches arent finished products

bc thats lazy.


I mean when I do sketches I geberally do more than one but aight. It, uh, really doesn’t take that much effort to make it look finished imo, but thay’s neither here nor there ig.

Heya, welcome to the forums.

Have a cookie.

That’s pretty good.

But, you need more than one drawing, also this character could easily be some other random OC from another random universe.

forum artists when they realize art can exist without 50000 thousand colors

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you call this lazy when dragon posts literal single colored squares

how what

How who?

Aye man, at least that looks finished. And also that’s part of why I said this would absolutely get in if it looked finished anyway.

Yeah man, we have Phi posting in almost purely line art. Ain’t nobody said you can’t do that but OP literally admitted to it being a sketch :woman_shrugging:

why cant sketches be in it its not supposed to be a fucking spectacular gallery level art post lmaooo

You said it yourself: it isn’t finished and isn’t supposed to be. If it’s not finished then you’re not to post it in #art anyway so there’s zero reason for you to be an Artist then if you aren’t allowed to post anything there.

you should prolly just take a screenshot of your in game character and post it alongside your art for reference

macrobe be like: “dont make fun of artists art”
macrobe when someone whos actually funny makes art that has no colors so there tiny brain cant process it without thousands of colors: “TRASH UNFINISHED 1IJ12I211!!!”

me when i you literally cant post in #art without the artist role (i tried it didnt work)

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