LF for Headless

offerin Powerful Sunken Set Strong SS

whats that? omg what is it?? my wild shop omg no way!!

Wait wtf? Powerful sunken set + strong ss??? You crazy bro?

i got a powerful sunken set plus every enchant sword for a headless :grin:, so i still profit a shit load

Bruh :skull:

I might be able to get a headless for ya. We should have each other’s discord and friend each other so you could potentially get one.



do you have a headless ThatOneGuy? Cuz I could really use it rn lol

We already met in game my guy :fr: I was the one who suggested you come to the forums to trade your hard SS :nod:

OOF lol

Can we meet in game again? I think someone is interested in getting a bad enchant sunken piece of yours and would offer well for it

Like a good enchant sunken helm for example?

Indifferent to it, no can do if it’s for my swift boots though.

Now that I think about it what sunken items do I have?

he was thinking of the swift sunken chest you have actually

you could do this so I can trade my sunken sword with the guy that wants your sunken chest piece

like if you traded the sunken chest I could get a sunken chest and sunken boots in exchange for my SS from that guy who wants your sunken chest since he doesn’t have a SS.

why yall talkin here dm him

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