MrNormalBox's Normal Shop

MrNormalBox's Normal Shop
convenience 4.941176470588236 17 fairness 5.0 17 trustworthiness 5.0 17

Any trades above the slots of 8 will require you to go first. Otherwise no deal.

Seasonal Items


16 Headlesses


Sunken Sword

3 Clean Sunken Sword
0 Swift Sunken Sword
1 Strong Sunken Sword
3 Hard Sunken Sword

Sunken Helmet

2 Bursting Sunken Helmet
3 Clean Sunken Helmets
1 Swift Sunken Helmet
1 Keen Sunken Helmet
1 Strong Sunken Helmet

Sunken Armor

1 Hard Sunken Chestplate
1 Swift Sunken Chestplates
4 Clean Sunken Chestplates
2 Powerful Sunken Chestplates

Sunken Boot

6 Clean Sunken Boot
1 Hard Sunken Boot
1 Forceful Sunken Boot
1 Swift Sunken Boot

Boss Drops


6 Clean Vastiras
1 Strong Vastiras
0 Hard WoJs
5 Clean WoJ
2 Sturdy WoJ
2 Strong Oathkeeper
3 Hard Oathkeepers
0 Swift Oathkeeper

Exiled Drops

Exiled Helmet

4 Clean Exiled Helmets
1 Nimble Exiled Helmet

Exiled Chestplates

1 Bursting Exiled Chestplate
1 Hard Exiled Chestplate
11 Exiled Chestplates

Exiled Leggings

8 Clean Exiled Leggings

Minotaur Drops

Minotaur Helmets

11 Clean Minotaur Helmets
1 Nimble Minotaur Helmet
3 Powerful Minotaur Helmets
1 Bursting Minotaur Helmet
1 Keen Minotaur Helmet

Minotaur Chestplate

11 Clean Minotaur Chestplates
1 Forceful Minotaur Chestplates
1 Strong Minotaur Chestplate
1 Swift Minotaur Chestplate
1 Keen Minotaur Chestplate
2 Bursting Minotaur Chestplate
1 Nimble Minotaur Chestplate
1 Powerful Minotaur Chestplate

Minotaur Boots

5 Clean Minotaur Boots
2 Bursting Minotaur Boot
1 Keen Minotaur Boot
1 Strong Minotaur boot

Meta Wizard Gear

Wizard Hat

8 Powerful Hats
11 Hard Hats

Wizard Robes

6 Powerful Robes
5 Hard Robes

Wizard Pants

2 Powerful Pants
1 Hard Pants


Power Amulets

9 Powerful Amulets
4 Hard Amulets
11 Clean Amulet

Defense Amulets

2 Powerful Amulets
4 Defense Amulets

Strength Amulets

1 Strong Amulet
2 Hard Amulet


Q: Do you have seasonals other then headlesses?
A: of course, just state what you want and I’ll check if I have it

Q: Do you accept crowns?
A: Definitely not, same goes for other traders. Crown codes from wom decreased the overall value of crowns (or galleons)

Q: Do you carry special builds like agility and strength?
A: Sometimes I do, but they’re never added here

Q: Discord?
A: ATLAS#1000

Q: What happens if the offer is more than 8 slots?
A: We’ll work something out, but you’ll have to trust me not the other way around.


By normal shop I thought you meant amulets. Anyway can I switch out my enchanted headless for clean ones?

uh I’ll think about that when I’m done with the shop, I’ll add amulets and wizard stuff when I’m done with the boss drops

I finished the shop, Whats the enchant on your headless?

I don’t think normal boxes have their own WoM shops since your name is MrNormalBox🧐

Should I change my name to MrWeirdBox?

ok lol.

both of them are keen


I have a Hard Sunken Sword, could i get the headless with that?

Sorry no, thats a big underpay

how about 2500 crowns?

Most traders generally do not accept crowns, due to inflation caused by code-farming.

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:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Crowns are worthless lol. I’ve already told you this, so you fr starting to piss me off

no one wants your 2500 crowns, 2500 crowns is easy to get but not sunkens or headless heads(which are unobtainable) so kindly gtfo of here with your 2500 crowns


Clean sunken chest and clean sunken helmet for a clean sunken sword

Underpay. Sorry I will not take this.

I know, I know about code farming and I know how hard it is to acquire boss drops and sunken gear, but I have seen someone trade a vastaria for 2600 crowns and he said its a lot of crowns. Not that I think its a lot. I just don’t have anything very rare or valuable to trade.