LF Sunken Sword

Trading american cap and glasses for Sunken Sword.

like really?! :pensive:

I have no idea what the worth on this shit is, but yes, really.

American stuff are rare, but absolutely no demand. feel bad for you.

Yikes, kinda figured :sleeper:


Maybe if it was a ton of caps and glasses but not just 1 each.

side note I feel impostered

seasonals except headless are really bad.
offer sunkens / headless head

ill take both americans for a clean woj

Idiot move tbh

What the fuck

Read these and then come back

Also further tip it takes like 4-5 strong oaths to get a clean sunken helm

But fr this was a pretty ass trade


Says you you only offered like 3 for a sunken chest bruh

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ooo get exposed1!1!1!1

I just offered more than the other guy also that’s all I had at that value

Isn’t that for a bad enchant


Oh ok thanks